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16th August 2014


So it’s no secret that my love for Lush is eternal. Ever since I received one of their Christmas gift boxes a couple of years back I’ve been hooked – the smell, the appearance, the ethos; they’ve got everything down to a T. Every couple of months I like to treat myself to a couple of new products from their skin care range to see how I get on with them. Lately I’ve been making my way through their fresh face masks which so far have been pretty impressive.


Ocean Salt | Face & Body Scrub

When I picked this up it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. Promising to brighten and soften my skin, I thought I had to give this a go. I’ve been looking for a decent face scrub for a while now, one that wouldn’t rip my face to shreds and make it blotchy from the harsh exfoliating beads. Lush skin care is always so kind to the skin and I was completely sold when I took a peek inside the tub to discover it was a white and blue swirled formula that resembled the ocean – sweeeet! Out of the three products I bought, I was most excited about trying this little beaut out and I wasn’t disappointed. The salt granules are pretty chunky so you can really feel them cleansing your skin and giving it a good ole’ clean! The fragrance was an added bonus creating an infusion of zesty limes and a dose of cool, fresh air. When I washed the scrub off I felt instantly revived and ready to start my day – my skin was lovely and soft (despite having a couple of inflamed spots) and it was noticeably brighter.

Cosmetic Warrior | Fresh Face Mask

My main reason for this purchase was to see if it could help banish some of my embarrassing blemishes. Despite leaving my teenage years behind a couple of years ago, it seems as though my skin doesn’t want to grow up just yet so it continues to be a pain in my arse. Cosmetic Warrior aims to gently combat spots and sooth troubled skin. The slightly bitty formula feels surprising soft on the skin yet applies a little on the lumpy side. After leaving it on the recommended 15 minutes, I washed it off to find my face felt clean and a little tighter than before. Whilst my angry spots were still visible, the redness had reduced which is great considering it was my first application – I’m hoping by using this mask on a regular basis my skin will clear up completely (a girl can dream, right?!).

Charity Pot | Hand & Body Lotion 

Whilst this trip was primarily to pick another fresh face mask and to try out one of their face scrubs, I made a last minute decision to purchase a charity pot of hand cream which was sitting by the till as I waiting in line. Although it took me a while to get the bloody lid off, the cream is thick and luxurious – a little definitely goes a long way! Whilst my hands felt instantly softer than before, I was a little put off by the smell which reminded me old women (I don’t mean to offend!). I probably wouldn’t buy this product again due to the smell, however I’d love to try the other freagrances they have available.

Do you like Lush? Have you tried any of these Lush products? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know your favourite products so I can give them a try!

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