Fashion | My Asos Wishlist #1

27th August 2014

asoswishlist1Whilst I’ve been saving up for my trip to Dubai next month, my usual shopping habits have been put on hold. Spending most of my wages on the latest fashion lines from the highstreet has always been a regular thing for me so being on this spending ban has been really tough for me. Like most girls, I am obsessed with ASOS. I’m an ASOS Premier member so receiving unlimited free next day delivery,exclusive discounts and free returns on all of my favourite brands is pretty fantastic. Unfortunately this means resisting the temptation of ordering something tonight and having it delivered in the morning is unbearable!

I thought to make myself feel a little better, I would create a little wishlist so when I can finally spend a bit of money, I know where to find them! I’ve shared my wishlist with you below which is quite a mixed bag to be honest as I’m excited for autumn but I’m still pretty reluctant to part with summer…

To help fund my shopping habits, Im currently selling a lot of stuff on Depop so if you would like to help me edge closer to the bits and pieces on my wishlist (I would be ever so grateful!), just click here.

Do you like anything that’s on my wishlist? What is on your wishlist at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!


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