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2nd September 2014


Sundays are made for eating, relaxing and sleeping away your hangover and last Sunday that’s exactly what happened. After a late night the evening before, me and my mum arranged to take a trip out for a traditional Sunday lunch at The Masham in Heartburn Village (if you haven’t been, I strongly recommend that you do – the beef melts in your mouth!). After our lovely midday lunch, we decided to take a spontaneous drive over to Yarm to have a little wander around the high street. Unfortunately most of the shops were closed, however we managed to have a good mooch around some lovely little charity shops.

As we strolled along Yarm high street, we stumbled upon a lovely little ice cream parlor named Archers. It wasn’t long before we were salivating over the delicious and unusual flavours they had available.

The great thing about this ice cream parlor is that they let you try before you buy! I tried the Jammy Dodger one and was sold instantly. It was so jammy, sweet and creamy. Me and my mum both got the same flavour and we were pleasantly surprised when we received our small tubs, the lady behind the counter that stacked it up high and gave us both a Jammy Dodger each – woo!


Have you tried Archers Jersey ice cream before? What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


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