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5th October 2014


Earlier this week I arrived home from my holiday in Dubai. We previously travelled to Dubai in 2012 to watch the Formula 1 and it was hands down the most beautiful, exciting place I have ever visited. Dubai is a Muslim country and is known for its strict laws however I wouldn’t let them put you off from visiting this amazing city. The laws are not actually as strict as people make out, it’s just about being respectful of others. Below I’ve put together a few myths that are often said about Dubai along with the truth.


Myths about Dubai

It’s a dry state; you can’t drink any alcohol – You can drink alcohol in places with an alcohol license, this is most 4 & 5 star hotels, bars and restaurants.

Your clothes have to cover you from head to toe – You can wear what you like. However when you are visiting public places such as mosques and malls, you should have your shoulders and knees covered.

You can’t share a room with the opposite sex if you are not married – This is frowned upon however no hotel is going to turn away paying customers so they simply turn a blind eye.

You can’t show affection in public – As long as it’s tasteful, it is fine. Holding hands or a cheeky kiss on the lips won’t get you arrested.

Anyway, the last time I visited, I struggled to find appropriate clothing for when we visited the tourist places as I needed something that would keep me cool in the sweltering heat without disrespecting the country’s Muslim culture. This year I was a little more clued up on what to wear so I thought I would share some of my staple pieces with you all in case you’re planning on visiting yourself and don’t know where to start with your packing.

Patterned Trousers

Patterned trousers are a great way to make a statement whilst keeping cool in the humid heat and are ideal for keeping your knees covered when you’re visiting the malls as they usually have the air conditioning on full!


Lightweight Tops

For when you’re out and about, I’d suggest taking a few lightweight, floaty tops – nothing too tight as it will just make you even hotter.


These bad boys were a life saver for me as they’re so easy to wear and help complement most outfits. Perfect for a quick cover up!

Midi/Maxi Skirts

I practically lived in midi and maxi skirts whilst I was away because they’re just so easy to wear! Mix and match with your tops to help save space in your suitcase.

Conservative Dresses/Playsuits

When choosing your dresses and playsuits, try to get the balance of skin exposure right – think high necklines and long sleeves. Again, a trusty kimono or cardigan will be worth keeping on hand in case you need to cover up whilst you’re out and about!


Due to the humidity in Dubai, I went a little crazy with my hair products to prevent it from losing it’s shape and going horribly frizzy! I also chose a refreshing shower gel to help liven me up after a long day in the heat. Concealer to cover my breakouts, and a razor and shaving gel are also a must too!

Did you find this guide helpful? Have you got any other travelling tips to add? 


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