Fashion | Joules Polka Dot Wellies

8th October 2014

Last month I spontaneously entered a competition with Office to win a pair of Joules wellies and was lucky enough to actually win it! For the chance to win, you had to tweet Office with your best winter style tips. My main reason for entering in the first place was because I wanted to share the funny tip my mam told me back when I used to walk to school in the winter. It sounds pretty bizarre, but when it rained or snowed she told me to put sandwich bags on my feet before putting on my winter boots to prevent my feet from getting wet.

I’m sure you have all experienced getting caught out in the rain only to get to your final destination and realise your feet are soaking – it’s a complete day spoiler, right? If like me you tend to opt for style over practicality when it comes to shopping for winter boots, then you should definitely consider this little trick the next time it rains or snows (as long as you don’t plan on taking your boots off that is!).

Anyway, when I found out I won, I was asked to pick a pair of wellies from the Joules website. After ogling the site for a while, I decided to go with the navy and white polka dot wellies because they were just so cute. When they arrived (very promptly may I add!), I was in love! I just love the attention to detail which includes side buckle detail and a lovely red and white striped lining. I can’t wait to start wearing them when it starts snowing!

What do you think of my new wellies? What’s your best winter style tip?


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