Eats from the Street | Teesside Park, Stockton

26th October 2014

The wonderful thing about my mum is that she’s great at finding out what’s going on in our local area. Last Saturday we decided to head over to Teesside Park after hearing about a little food event that was coming to the retail park called Eats from the Street.

Teesside Park partnered up with British Street Food to give passionate cooks the exposure they deserve whilst giving weekend shoppers the chance to enjoy something a little different to eat for lunch. Bringing together a selection of culinary delights to appeal to everyone’s taste buds, the event was topped off with an old double decker bus where you could sit and eat your food on.

eat from the street bus
There were loads of food traders to choose from including a fish and chip van, a gourmet hot dog stand, a pizza bus and a vintage crepe stall. Each company brought something new to the table such as special ingredient batter, unusual toppings and unique decor.

For lunch, me and my mum decided to get some chips from the fish van as we wanted to save room in our tummy’s for a crepe. We then hopped onto the double decker bus with the rest of the shoppers to enjoy our dinner. Unfortunately our chips weren’t that great and we wished we had tried something a little more extraordinary like a gourmet hot dog or pulled pork burger. Nevertheless, we didn’t let it spoil the great time we were having on the bus.

eats from the street
For afters, we got a crepe from the Crepe Lucette which was ran by two lovely ladies dressed in the prettiest of outfits. Wearing 50’s style red and white polka dot dresses with vintage inspired red gingham aprons, the ladies complemented their van’s decor perfectly. I went for a traditional Nutella crepe and my mam opted for a banoffee one – and we definitely weren’t disappointed with these! Completely stuffed with layers of sugary goodness, they were worth the extra pennies.

If you like the sound of this event but missed it the first time round, the bus will be making its way back to Teesside Retail Park on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th November. For more information about Eats from the Street, click here.


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