Lifestyle | A Fortnight in Photos #1

12th November 2014

Birthday HamperI’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front recently because I’ve been mega busy. With Halloween, bonfire night and my birthday all happening in the space of a week, it’s fair to say there’s been a lot going on. In today’s post I thought I would fill you in on what I’ve been up to with some of my favourite photos from the past fortnight.

I couldn’t resist including this photograph! My parents made me a cute hamper filled with goodies (most of which related to daisies). How cool is my personalised jar of Nutella? As the baby of the family, my name’s baby bear!

October Instagram1. Meet Cooper. He’s my boyfriend’s, sister’s new puppy and he’s so adorable! He’s so cute that me and Ross have offered to mind him over the Christmas holidays whilst his sister goes away.
2. The evening before Halloween I decided to finally carve my pumpkin. Missing teeth aside,  It didn’t turn out too bad to be honest!
3. On Halloween I went to my work’s annual Halloween party which was hosted at The Dickens Inn in Middlesbrough. I then met up with my friends and headed further into town. I love getting dressed up for Halloween!

November Instagram 4. The following evening after Halloween, I went to my mum and dad’s annual bonfire party (and boy do they know how to throw a good party!). Although I was feeling a little hungover from the night before, we feasted on pies and hot dogs, toasted marshmallows around the fire and set off some impressive fireworks.

5. To finish off a busy weekend, me and Ross went to one of our favourite little pubs in Hartburn Village called The Masham for a Sunday roast. I can’t even begin to tell you how AMAZING the beef is from this place (they do great pub grub too!).

6. For Bonfire Night, we originally planned to go an see a firework display up Carlton Bank. However when the evening came, we didn’t really fancy standing out in the cold. So instead we went for puppy cuddles, drove around looking for bonfires and went to Starters for tea.

Birthday celebrations instagram7. Part one of my birthday celebrations involved me and my two best friends getting the train to York and enjoying a day of food, cocktails and giggles. Starting off with the Pizza Hut buffet, we then moved on to some of York’s best cocktail bars before returning home for more drinks and more food (hey, it was my birthday! Don’t judge).

8. On my actual birthday, me and my family headed to The Blacksmiths Arms – another one of my all-time favourite places to eat. It’s such a warm and friendly atmosphere with great homemade food (we tend to visit here on special occasions – anniversaries, new jobs, you know the drill). I had potato skins for my starter followed by steak on the stone which was simply delicious!

9. Easily the funniest present I got for my birthday – A mug with my signature pose on it (I’m quite aware that I look like the Grump Cat!). The face is quite fitting now that my birthday is over and I’m back to work.

What have you been up to over this past fortnight? What do you think of this style of post? Let me know below!


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