Hair | Cloud Nine: The Wide Iron Review

12th January 2015

Cloud Nine Wide IronYou may have seen me raving about these on Instagram and Twitter over the past few weeks and there’s a good reason for it! These are my new wide iron straighteners by Cloud Nine which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday back in November after a few subtle hints from myself (hehe).

Before reviewing these, I decided to try them out for a couple of months first to make sure they were durable enough but these straighteners really are something special!

If you’re wondering what Cloud Nine is, it’s a brand that specialises in hair appliances and accessories. Established by the founders of GHD (one of the main reasons for me taking this brand more seriously), the brand produces high quality straightening irons with a simple yet efficient design.

Since I was about 12, I’ve been using GHD straighteners to straighten and de-fuzz my hair. Ever since I can remember, GHD have been the go-to brand for straighteners and they still seem to be going strong today. I’ve owned a total of three sets of GHDs, and that’s not because they’ve lost their effectiveness over the years, but simply for the fact that I liked the pretty gift sets they brought out.

It wasn’t until I received the Gold Sahara GHDs for Christmas in 2013 that I began to wonder if GHD were beginning to focus more on the swanky new colours and gift sets and letting the actual performance of their straighteners take the backseat as I felt the quality was deteriorating significantly. It may also be due to the fact the original founder of GHD left the brand to create new brand, Cloud Nine.

Rewind back about 10 years and you will find that GHD stuck to very plain designs yet they made their way to the top with innovative technologies such as ceramic heating and sleep mode. My thoughts for keeping things plain and simple with an all-black exterior  is so they can focus on the actual performance of the straighteners rather than their aesthetic appeal.

So due to the quality not being so great in the GHDs (I felt like my hair just wasn’t straightening as well as it used to) I looked into Cloud Nine irons having read a few interesting reviews on them previously. I decided to take the plunge and venture out into the unknown by opting for the wide irons from the brand because of my thick, long hair. Complete with temperature control, mineral infused ceramic plates for a healthy finish and a 360 swivel cord for styling freedom, Cloud Nine intrigued me.

Cloud Nine Wide Iron

Now two months on, I feel like my hair is in much better condition than before (prior to using my new wide irons, I felt like my hair was constantly greasy, limp and unstyleable). I love that the Cloud Nine straighteners have a temperature selection so you can adjust it when you feel necessary – I think this has helped maintain the health of my hair. My hair feels so much softer than before too which I think is due to the mineral plates.

Of course, like anything, the straighteners do have a little room for improvement and that is by adding a ‘beep’ to tell you when the irons are ready for use – there is a ‘beep’ when you first turn them on but nothing to remind you that you’ve switched them on.

All in all, I think these straighteners are fantastic and I’m so glad I decided to stray from my trusty GHD to try something new because boy are they worth it!

 Would you ever stray from your beloved GHD straighteners?


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