Travel | 3 Reasons Why London Stole My Heart

26th January 2015

London ZooToday I’ve decided to share a post based around one of my favourite cities of all time – London. As a girl who loves to travel, London, which is a lot closer to home than the other cities I’ve been fortunate enough to visit, seems to be the one city that I can never get enough of. Whether I’m travelling down for a long weekend away or just booked a last minute day trip with my mum, I can never get bored of the place.

As the capital of England, the city is jam-packed with everything you could ever want including royalty, incredible architecture (both old and new) and some amazing tourist attractions. From the minute I step off the train at Kings Cross station, there is this positive vibe that inspires me to believe I can achieve and be anyone I want.

Whilst some people will see this as a negative, I love how busy the city of London is. There’s nothing quite like wandering around the tube station and seeing everybody flee past you in a major hurry. I often wonder what each person running for the bus or storming around the station is in such a hurry for. Are they meeting their friend for brunch? Are they running late for a meeting with a client at work? It’s lovely to see everyone with such drive and motivation in life (not something you get everyday up north).

Something to Do on Every Corner

An English version of New York, London is filled with opportunities, events and things to do. Whenever I visit London I always try to book something exciting to do, whether it is going to watch a West End show, going to Vogue Festival or IMATS, or going to an awards ceremony with work – there’s so much to do that it will always feel like there are never enough hours in the day to do everything you set out to do during your stay.

Vogue Festival

Quaint Eateries and Boutiques 

As a such foodie and a lover of all things cute, I’m in my element when I discover the quaint cafes and stalls that bring something a little different to the table. Below is a photograph of some stacked cookies that were the best cookies I had ever tasted (and the biggest!). There’s nothing me and my mam love more than taking a break from our shopping trip and stopping off for a milkshake and a cake at some really quirky cafe down some backstreet.

Cookie stall

Beautiful Parks and Scenery

It’s hard to believe that amongst all of the hustle and bustle, London is also the home to some pristine parks that make you happy to be alive. Hyde Park and Regents Park have got to be my favourites. Strolling through with an ice cream finding the perfect bench to sit at whilst you watch the world go by is one of my favourite past times. Watching people do yoga on the grass, read a book by a tree and have a picnic by the lake, I just love the contrast to the lively streets.

Hyde Park

Everything is bigger and better in London and it makes me proud to be British. Every time I’ve visited London, I’ve had an amazing time and came back with lots of memories that I’ll always cherish. London will always hold a special place in my heart and I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of visiting.

What’s your favourite city?


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