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3rd February 2015

Juicing Station Last weekend me and Danni from Gingerbread Smiles headed down to Leeds for a juicing event arranged by Currys and Joe Blogs. This was the first blogger event I’ve attended as Daisy Daydreams so it was pretty exciting! When I first heard about the event I knew it was something I’d love to attend, and I was lucky enough to receive an invite after a last minute drop out.

The event was perfect timing with it being at the end of January when we’re all beginning to lose our motivation to stick with our ‘get fit, get healthy’ new years resolutions. This year I’m really keen to step it up in the gym and also adjust my diet so I can become healthier and stronger.

Once we arrived at the lovely venue (Lambert’s Yard), we were given time to have a natter with like-mind bloggers (there was 58 of us in total!). The day was split into five stations – Rocket Yoga, juicing station, gourmet soup, mocktail making and nutrition.

Rocket Yoga

My group started off with Rocket Yoga with Amanda from Yoga Elementz, and boy was it energising as it sounds! The 30 minute session incorporating classic yoga moves such as downward facing dog and plank. Rocket Yoga originated in San Francisco is a little bit different to your usual yoga session as it is fast paced and includes a few more complex positions which really work your body.

Rocket Yoga

Juicing Station

After a strenuous yoga session, we were able to freshen up at the juicing station. We were given a huge range of fruit and vegetables to choose from along with four juicers provided by Curry’s to test and play around with so we could experiment with different flavours. With me not being much of a veggie fan, I decided to mix pineapple, apple, strawberries, raspberries and spinach which created a rather tasty juice!

Fruit and Veg

Gourmet Soup

Next we moved on to the gourmet soup station which give us another chance to sit down and chat over some soup. Unfortunately, me and Danni had stopped off for a sandwich before attending the event and were too full to try any! There were two different types of soup available – mushroom & truffle and chicken & lemongrass which were accompanied by some lovely crusty bread.

Gourmet Soup


Next we moved on to the nutrition station which was set up by Shakela (you can find out more about her here), a qualified nutritionist and wellness expert. She provided us with some key information about nutrition and extra ingredients we can add into our diet to help boost our metabolism, energy and more. Shakela made us an energy and sports recovery juice which contained beetroot, lemon, cucumber, berries, spinach and green tea powder. The colour of the juice was deceiving (I often associate red drinks which fruity tastes) and the underlining flavour was beetroot – yuck. However we were told we could sweeten up the juice by adding pineapple and almond milk which made it taste a little better!

Sports Recovery

Mocktail Making

Finally we made our way to the mocktail making station which was hosted by Nick. He showed us how to make a mocktail using ginger, cucumber, apple, carrots and beetroot (again, yuck!), it certainly wasn’t the mocktail I had in mind!  By this point I was all juiced out and just wanted to munch on something stodgy!

Mocktail Making

I really enjoyed the juicing event and feel like I really stepped out of my comfort zone by going to my first event, mingling with new people and trying some juices that I wouldn’t have dreamed to try otherwise! To read more about the event and to take a look at some juicing recipes, take a look at Curry’s blog post here.

 Would you try juicing? What about Rocket Yoga? Let me know in the comments below!


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