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21st February 2015

Lush store eventEarlier this week I joined 13 other ‘Boro bloggers at the Lush store in Middlesbrough for their first ever blogger event, exciting huh? When I first started blogging back in August, it was mainly to show off some fantastic products and eateries that I had fallen in love with – Lush being on the top of my list of stores that I adore. In fact, my first post on my blog was a Lush review!

Anyway, the event was organised to give us a sneak peek at the new Volume 3 perfumes for the Gorilla range, introduce us to the new Mother’s Day collection and to show us how to make our own fresh face masks. Considering we only had an hour until The Mall’s security guards threw us out, Lyndsey and Vicky did an amazing job talking us through everything Lush in such a small space of time.

Lush Middlesbrough

Upon arrival, we were given the opportunity to browse the store and take photos whilst we waited for the other bloggers to arrive. At this point I was in my element smelling all of the new products that I’ve not had the chance to try yet. Following a prompt 5pm start, the ladies at Lush laid out some beautifully arranged nibbles and a jug of refreshing water filled with fresh lemon and blueberries – very picturesque.


Vicky introduced us to the new Volume 3 fragrances which are the latest release to accompany their Gorilla perfumes. The names of the three new scents are All Good Things, Kerbside Violet and Death and Decay (don’t be put off by the name!). I’ve not smelt any of Lush’s fragrances before and was pleasantly surprised by how different the scents are and how much stronger they seem to be compared some of the expensive designer ones you can get.

Volume 3 Gorilla Perfumes

I’d say Kerbside Violet was my favourite as it reminded me of those old Parma Violet sweets you used to get when you were a kid. Funnily enough, a lot of the Mother’s Day range also had a similar scent which I loved!

Kerbside Violet

Moving on to the Mother’s Day range, Vicky gave us demonstrations of some of the products from this year’s collection. I absolutely love how frothy the Ultraviolet bubble bar got and how delicious it smelt! I also loved the vibrant colours extracted from the Secret Garden bath bomb which is filled with a surprise bouquet of flower petals – a lovely alternative to a traditional bouquet for Mother’s Day.

Ultraviolet Bubble Bar

Uktraviolet Bubble BarYummy Mummy Shower Gel

Yummy MummySecret Garden Bath Bomb

Secret Garden Bath Bomb

One of the things I love from Lush is the fresh face masks. Over the last year I’ve been working my way through them all to see which one works best for my skin so you’ll understand my excitement when I heard we were going to make our own! We were given the ingredients to make the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask and took it in turns to add the ingredients one by one. The mask is designed to clean, soothe and soften the skin, I’ve used this mask before it left my skin feeling squeaky clean and refreshed. The best part was when we poured in the fresh blueberries, rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in to combine all of the ingredients. Popping the blueberries felt rather therapeutic!

Fresh Face Mask

Every now and then when I’m in Lush, I pick up one of their charity pots (the teeny silver tins by the side the the counter) however during this event I found out that they do larger charity pots which have stickers on them to show you which charity they are currently supporting.  100% of the price of the pots goes directly to the charity (minus taxes)  which is fantastic and they support loads of different organisations which reflect their ethics such as environmental conservation, human rights and animal welfare. I just love this Badger pot!

Lush Charity Pots

I had such an amazing evening meeting up with fellow Boro bloggers and can’t wait for future events in the Middlesbrough store. The ladies at Lush did a fantastic job teaching us their ethics and showing us their new releases, thanks for the invite and for being so accommodating! You can keep up with the latest releases and store news by following Lush Middlesbrough on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Have you tried Lush’s Gorilla perfumes before? What do you think of their Mother’s Day range?


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