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12th March 2015

DSC_0419There’s nothing quite like buying some new gym gear to help motivate you to go to the gym. I’d been eyeing up the Miss Guided Active collection ever since I saw the photographs of the super toned Em Sheldon wearing some pieces from the range. The new collection is affordable and fashionable which a rare combination to find when fitness clothing is involved! When payday came around last month,  I decided to finally make a purchase by opting for the grey ‘Train Dirty’ vest (£12), the cross back sports bra in mint (£10) and the contrast panel cropped leggings also in mint (£14) to create a full outfit.

Based on first impressions, I was impressed with the quality of the pieces I’d ordered and the fact they looked the same as they did online. Sizing wise, I went for my usual size 10 on top and bottom however with the clothes being tightly fitted, I had a feeling I might have to exchange them for the next size up. Upon delivery,  I couldn’t have been more wrong! Whilst the grey vest top fitted perfectly, I found the leggings and the sports bra extremely loose. I think the sports bra was a bit of the large size due to my small chest however I can’t think of an explanation as to why the leggings were so big – I would say they would fit a size large size 12 or a small size 14. Perhaps the sizing is a little off to make you feel like you’ve lost a few pounds?

When I pulled the leggings on they sat above my stomach which I usually like as it pulls me in a bit! feels comfortable. However these leggings didn’t have the same effect as my trusty Nike bottoms; they made me feel frumpy and were really baggy on the knees – probably due to the sizing being bigger than expected. Not only did the fit let me down, but I just can’t get away with the material – it’s like a shiny black fabric that I think looks and feels very cheap. I can’t really grumble though since I only paid £14 when I would usually pay around £25 for a pair.

On a brighter note, I was a bit wary about purchasing a grey vest for the gym (hi attractive sweat patches!) but I was pleasantly surprised that the top didn’t show an ounce of sweat and I’m a sweaty person! (Sorry if that’s TMI). On a whole, I wasn’t overly impressed by the collection but I definitely won’t rule it out when I’m strapped for cash and need some new gym clothes, I just need to buy a size smaller! I think the collection has made fitness clothing more accessable for people who want to get fit but can’t afford the popular fitness brands such as Nike and Adidas.

Have you tried any pieces from the Miss Guided Active collection yet? What do you think of the sizing?  


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