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31st March 2015

Chocolate Birthday Cake

One of my earliest memories involves me helping my mam bake jam tarts and getting covered in flour. With this in mind, I’ve always been a keen baker but since leaving college and entering the working world, I’ve neglected the kitchen. However, now that I’ve got my own house and spend much more time in the kitchen cooking meals, I’ve fallen in love with baking all over again!  

When it comes to birthday presents for my friends and family, I love thinking outside of the box by giving them personal gifts, things made by myself or experiences that they will cherish – I think they’re much more thoughtful than your average gift set from Superdrug (not that I don’t like to receive those too!) and they don’t have to cost a lot either.

With it being both of my best friends’ birthdays this month, I decided to bake them both a cake. I’ve made edible treats for them in the past but thought I would go one step bigger this time and make them something to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Whitch Chocolate Birthday Cake

Before making the cakes, I scoured Pinterest for inspiration and as usual, the site gave me loads of ideas to play around with. For the chocolate cake, I was inspired by this gorgeous cake. Below I’ve listed what sweets I used to decorate each cake.

Chocolate Flower Cake

2 layer vanilla sponge cake with a milk chocolate buttercream filling and topping. Decorated with milk chocolate fingers and fabulous fingers by Cadburys, Cadburys giant buttons, giant Milkybar buttons and Rolos.

White Chocolate Haribo Super Mix Cake  

2 layer vanilla sponge cake with a strawberry jam and white chocolate buttercream filling. White chocolate buttercream topping with white chocolate Cadburys fingers, Moam pinballs and Haribo Super Mix for decoration.

Both of my friends were over the moon with their cakes and the three of us indulged in a beasty slice of each (for reviewing purposes of course!). I’m by no means an expert or anything close when it comes to cake however they both went down a treat!

Do you enjoy baking? What is your favourite cake recipe?  


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