Hair | An Introduction to Lush Shampoo Bars

30th April 2015

Lush shampoo bar A shampoo in solid form? Who’d have thought it! I was a bit sceptical when I was first introduced to the solid shampoo bars Lush had to offer but following their track record (you can read about some of the products I reviewed previously here), I thought they would be worth a try.  After much deliberation in the Middlesbrough store, I decided to go with the Jason and The Argan Oil which promised to stronger, shinier and softer hair. As a regular user of heated hair appliances, I thought my hair could do with a bit of strengthening. My main concern about the solid consistency was the lathering which I was pleasantly surprised with as it foamed up as much as your average shampoo would. First impressions, the bar looks just like those hundreds and thousands you get on top of your ice cream. pink sugar strands


I’m not usually a fan of floral scents but the Rose Jam scented bar had quite an addicting fragrance that lingered on my hair for days. I felt like the bar made my hair feel cleaner for longer so I didn’t have to use my dry shampoo as often as I normally would. Strength wise, I feel as though my hair is moulting less and it seems to be in better condition than it was previously. I’ve been using the shampoo bar since February and I’ve only just finished it. I tend to wash my hair 3 times a week so I think that’s pretty good going! Along with my purchase of the shampoo bar, Laura from Off The Hanger etc suggested I also bought the round tin to keep it in to keep it dry and tidy in the bathroom (she stored hers in the bag she bought it in and let’s just say things got a little messy!).

Would you swap your shampoo for a solid shampoo bar? Can you recommend any other Lush products for me to try?


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