Fitness | Progress Diary #1

11th May 2015

Fitness diary #1

This week I’ve decided to start a new 4 part series on my blog to track my fitness progress and hopefully inspire and motivate some of you to achieve your fitness own goals as well. I’m going to run this series on a weekly basis for the next 4 weeks until my summer holiday. Inspired by the lovely Corinne from Slimmed Cartree (who’s just completed her first half marathon – well done!), this fitness diary series will be an overview of the exercise I have done in the previous week and the highs and lows of it all, this will include beating personal bests, any injuries, changes in my diet and so on. Hope you enjoy!

Weekly Exercise

Monday – 10 minutes warm up (walking on a gradient), 30 minute leg based circuit workout, 15 minutes on the leg machines

Tuesday – 15 minutes of weighted hoola-hooping at home

Wednesday – 10 minute warm up (running), 30 minute arm based circuit workout, 5 minutes stretching

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – 30 minute full body work out, 10 minutes stretching

Saturday – 30 minute Ab Blast class, 45 minute Metafit, 5 minute cool down on treadmill

Sunday – Walked from Whitby Abbey down to the centre and back.


On Tuesday evening I tried my hand at making sweet potato shepherd’s pie which turned out really well (I’ll be writing a post about sweet potato soon so watch this space!).

I hit a mid-week slump by Wednesday. My gym session wasn’t the best and I just couldn’t wait to get home and relax for the evening; all I wanted to do was eat pizza and chocolate (which I ended up doing which made me feel worse!).

By Friday things picked up and I had a really good workout. I followed one of Emily Skye’s full body workout videos which she had uploaded to Facebook – she posts loads of videos to Facebook and Instagram which are easy to follow, fast paced and really effective.

On the eating side of things, I met up with my friends on Friday and ate soooo many sweets and crisps! I made up for this by doing an ab blast class and a double metafit class at the gym on Saturday morning to sweat out the guilt haha.

I bought some new pillows on Saturday and woke up with a bit of a stiff neck and shoulders on Sunday; I can’t quite decide whether it was from my new pillows (they’re quite high and firm compared to my old ones) or from my gym session the previous day; I didn’t do any stretching afterwards so that could be why!

With a little over 3 weeks until my holiday, I’m going to be trying my best to keep my eating habits under control – I’ll let you know how it goes in next week’s fitness diary post!

Let me know if you would like to read more posts like this, if there’s anything you would like me to include or expand on in next week’s post


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