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14th May 2015

BlueSky Chameleon Gel Nails

Over the past couple of years, gel nails have become one of the most popular nail treatments in beauty salons. The beauty of gel is that it can be applied just like regular polish with the addition of an LED lamp and leaves you with a long-lasting, glossy finish. What’s better, is the fact you can get home kits so you can achieve salon-savvy nails from the comfort of your own home.

As my Elegant Touch review has been one of my most popular posts to date, I thought I’d review the new colours I received from one of my friends for my birthday. From a brand called BlueSky which I haven’t heard of previously, the two colours I received are from their chameleon collection which has really amazed me.

I apologise in advance for my poor quality of the photos/videos, they were taken using my iPhone. The first colour I decided to try is named TC24 which first applied as a deep purple with sparkly bits in it. The colour change comes when your body temperature changes which I think is really cool. In this case, the purple shade transformed into a lovely bright blue colour.

The second polish is named TC05 which applies as a glossy dark purple which I found a little too dark in comparison to the usual bright colours I like to wear. After I had warmed up, the nails changed to a bubblegum pink colour which was much more my style.

BlueSky Chameleon Gel Nails

Between the two colours, the sparkly purple to blue polish was my favourite. I was so impressed with the application of the gel nail varnishes from BlueSky that I bought three more to bump up my collection. I managed to find hundreds of shades on eBay selling for just £5 a bottle which is a bargain for gel nail polish!

 What do you think of gel nails? Would you rather do your own or make a trip to the beauticians?


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