Fitness | Progress Diary #2

18th May 2015

Fitness progress diary

This week I’m back with my second installment of my fitness progress diary. I’ve got a little over 2 weeks until my holiday now so I’m stepping up my game and trying to work out as much as I can. Below you can see what type of exercises I’ve been doing and the highlights from the week – hope you enjoy!

Weekly Exercise

Monday – 10 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes Pilates, 20 minutes circuit training focusing on legs and a 30 minute GT30 leg session

Tuesday – Rest day

Wednesday – 45 minute walk

Thursday – 5 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes arm-based circuit training and 20 minutes weight training focusing on arms

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – 30 minute Ab Blast class and a 45 minute Metafit

Sunday – 20 minutes cardio, 15 minutes weights, 45 minute Pilates class


Monday got off to a good start, I ate well and had a really hard session in the gym. I decided to train my legs as my arms were still aching from the weekend. Just as I was nearly finished with my workout for the evening, one of the personal trainers persuaded me to partake in the new GT30 class on the gym floor which is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout using your own bodyweight and boy was it tough!

On Wednesday is was fairly nice weather so I joined my mam and dad for a walk after work. We ended up in a pub for our tea but at least we walked our food off before we got it!

Thursday was a bit of a dud day as the gym was overcrowded which affected my performance at the gym. I stuck around to do some arm training but left feeling a little deflated.

Friday I went to York with my mam which was a lovely way to spend my day off. I over indulged a little by having ice cream, Millie’s cookies and sweets from the traditional sweet shop but I regret nothing!

On Sunday me and my friend were supposed to be going to a bootcamp class however unfortunately it was cancelled. So instead we got a free guest pass from my gym and went there for a bit which resulted in my friend signing up as a member – now I have a gym buddy!

I finished the week feeling good about what I’d achieved and really feel like my fitness is improving and my stomach is slowly but surely getting flatter. Next week I’m hoping to smash some personal bests and finally get swimming again now that my tattoo is fully healed.

How has your week been? You can read last week’s post by clicking here.


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