Fitness | Progress Diary #3

25th May 2015

Kayla Itsines Training Guide

Last week was a little different to usual weeks in the gym as I’ve now got a gym buddy! This meant I spent a bit more time showing my friend the ropes on how to use some of the machines and showing her what kind of workouts I usually do. It’s been nice to have someone there to push and motivate you to keep going. Enjoy!

Weekly Exercise

Monday – 20 minutes cardio, 30 minutes on the arm and leg machines, 30 minutes swimming

Tuesday – Rest day

Wednesday – 10 minutes cardio, 30 minutes doing one of Kayla Itsines guides (week 1, full body workout)

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – 15 minutes cardio, 30 minutes on the arm machines and 30 minutes swimming

Saturday – 15 minutes cardio, 30 minutes abs and arms and a 25 minute Metafit class

Sunday – Rest day


Whilst I’ve been letting my tattoo heal I haven’t been swimming so it was nice to finally get back into the pool on Monday after so long. It’s been a bit diffcult to count our lengths as we’ve been chattering away but we’ve been averaging around 30-40 lengths per session (doing breast stroke as over arm is far too tiring for my little arms!).

I was pretty pleased with myself when I got a new personal best on the inner and outer thigh machines on Wednesday lifting 57.5kg (more than my body weight!) for 3 x 10 reps. I’ve also been pushing myself with the arm machines by aiming to lift at least 25kgs on each machine which has been a really struggle; my arms are just too weak!

On Saturday my friend used one of her guest passes to bring one of our other friends to the gym for the day. Unfortunately we missed the abs class so we warmed ourselves up on the cross trainers, did a few machines and did our own ab session on the gym floor before going into the metafit class. I told my friends to pace themselves and not over do it because although the class is short, it’s quite intense. They did really well to keep going until the class was over and it’s fair to say they could feel it the next day!

How has your week been? You can read last week’s post by clicking here.


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