Fitness | Progress Diary #4

1st June 2015

Nike trainers

This is my fourth and final instalment of my fitness diary where I’ll fill you in on what exercise I’ve been doing in an attempt to become stronger and more toned. I’ve really stepped up my game this week with my workouts as I go on holiday on Wednesday and will be doing very little exercise whilst I’m away! How amazing are the new trainers I picked up at the weekend? I’m in love! 

Weekly Exercise

Monday – 1 hour swimming

Tuesday – 45 minutes Pump FX class

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – 10 minutes cardio, 30 minutes Cardio HIIT class

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – 30 minutes Abs Blast class, 20 minutes circuit training focusing on legs

Sunday – 15 minute run, 15 minute ab workout, 15 minute kettlebells workout


With Monday being a bank holiday, it was a nice change to be able to go swimming on the morning.

On Tuesday, me and my friend (Tara) decided to try the Pump FX class for the first time. The original instructor was away on holiday so one of the other instructors stepped in for the occasion. As we didn’t really know what to expect, we were just going with the flow and following the instructions given. Whilst we felt like we had a good workout (my legs were aching for two days after!), we felt as though the class was a little boring. However, when we went to the changing rooms after the class had finished, a lady who regularly attends the class said it is better with the usual instructor so we’ll be giving it another go.

I’ve been slowly making my way through the new GT30 classes which take place on the gym floor and on Thursday me and Tara decided to give the Cardio HIIT class a go. The class is just 30 minutes long and boy was it hard! It involved a lot of lunges, squats, burpees and sprinting.

 On Saturday me and Ross went to the Cheshire Oaks designer outlet where I was hoping to raid the Nike and Adidas stores because they have such good discounts! I managed to come home with a new pair of trainers, 2 sports bra, 2 gym tops and some leggings which I’m really pleased with. I was so excited to wear my new training shoes that I headed straight to the gym when I got home!

How has your week been? You can read last week’s post by clicking here.


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