Travel | My Dream Roadtrip

8th June 2015

World Scratch Map As I get older, more people I know are heading off on adventures around the world. Backpacking around India, taking a gap year in Oz or going on a roadtrip from one part of a country to the other, our generation is open to so many opportunities in comparison to what there was when my parents were kids. There are a few things that restrict us from following our dreams and escaping our lives for a little while to ‘find ourselves’ such as work and family commitments, health issues and our financial state.

I love to travel and have so many places on my bucket list! Having a mortgage means I can’t really jet off for a year of travelling, however I can organise a few mini breaks so I can still see the world, only gradually. My cousin and his girlfriend jetted off to Sydney at the end of May to begin an amazing 4 week roadtrip around Australia which got me itching to book my next trip to somewhere exotic.

My travel list seems to be never ending but one thing is for sure, I would love to see the world in a VW campervan! I’m aware that I probably wouldn’t be able to cope driving around the world but I would love to take 3 weeks away from work to travel around America or Australia.

There’s quite a lot of things to consider when it comes to organising a roadtrip like making a rough plan on where you want to go and the places you want to see along the way, budgeting for your trip and making sure your vehicle is up for the journey! You can read more on how to stay safe on the road on Age UK’s website.

Where would you most like to travel to? Do you have any recommendations?


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