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24th July 2015

Paint Pot Plants

A couple of weeks ago me and my mam decided to give 12 Harland Place a try for our lunch. The laidback restaurant is situated on Norton high street, a place I’ve not had the pleasure of visiting before. After my mam’s beautician branded the place as her ‘favourite place to eat’, we decided to try it for ourselves. Today’s post is all about our experience, hope you enjoy it! 

After booking a table for 12:30pm on a Friday afternoon, we arrived on time to realise the restaurant was a lot bigger than we expected. With plenty of seating, beautiful industrial-esque interior design and people chattering amongst themselves, first impressions were off to a good start.

12 Harland Place

It was great to see they had an open kitchen (similar to Nandos) where you can see your food being freshly made by the chefs which is always reassuring. I decided to order the lasagne whilst my mam went for the fishcake. Our food took around 20 minutes to arrive which I thought was really quick considering it was lunch time, the busiest time of the day.


The presentation of our food was wonderful. My lasagne arrived in a ramekin dish keeping everything neat and tidy and was complete with a fresh side salad and two slices of garlic bread. My mam’s fishcake was topped with a poached egg (a bit strange but my mam really enjoyed it) and a side portion of French fries. My lasagne was the best I have ever tasted and what made it better was the way they ditched the beef mince meat and used shredded beef instead which was delicious.

Fishcake and Chips

Obviously, we couldn’t leave without getting a dessert, and boy do they have an amazing selection! I ordered the chocolate velvet cheesecake whilst my mam tucked into a lemon drizzle cake. Although we thought they were a little expensive priced at £5.95, the portions were ample and were served with ice cream. The desserts were really tasty and were definitely worth the money!

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Chocolate Velvet Cheesecake

Once we had finished our lunch, we headed upstairs to pop to the toilets before having a wander around Norton high street. To our surprise, we discovered that 12 Harland Place has a beautiful rooftop seating area which is made up of old paint pots filled with plants, industrial crates for seats and plenty of pillows to get comfy. The rooftop beer garden would be the perfect location for a few slurps in the sunshine with your pals. I can’t wait to go again to show my friends the little cove I’ve just discovered.

12 Harland Place Norton

Is 12 Harland Place the type of restaurant you would like to eat in? If you’ve already been, let me know what you ordered!

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