Travel | My Mega Moment: Sailing Around Majorca

27th July 2015


After reading Danni’s blog about her Mega Moment in NYC, I decided I wanted to join in too! I’ve been very fortunate during my childhood and have had the opportunity to see lots of places and experience a lot of things. Thinking back to some of my favourite experiences, there’s one that really sticks out to me and that was chartering a boat around Majorca with my mam, dad and boyfriend in 2011.

The reason I’ve chosen this holiday as my mega moment is because is was totally spontaneous, something my life often lacks. I’d just finished my A levels and was looking forward to a bit of time off before getting stuck into a job and beginning my working life. Just 5 days before my mam and dad were due to leave for Palma, me and Ross booked our flights to join them and it’s one of the best holidays I’ve had.


After hopping off the plane in Palma and getting a taxi to the harbour, we started our journey on the water the following day. We made our way around some beautiful coves and harbours including Palma, Porto Cristo and Cala D’or. Our favourite harbour was definitely Cala D’or – there were so many fancy yachts, a gorgeous pool and spa area for guests as well as a vibrant nightlife with plenty of restaurants nearby.


It was the first time my mam and dad had sailed a boat in a foreign country since obtaining their boat licenses so there were a few minor hiccups and plenty of laughs along the way. From getting the anchor stuck and having a naked Chinese man help us out to getting stuck in a storm and losing the fender off the boat and having to go back to fish it out!


I loved discovering secret coves and beaches that appeared untouched along with the beautiful turquoise water. The photos just don’t do any of the places justice! We had such a great time and seen so many different parts of Majorca in just a short space of time. I love adventures and trying new things and this was definitely something I was able to tick off my bucket list and talk about years down the line as one of my favourite memories.


What is your mega moment? Let me know in the comments below!


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