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24th August 2015

Abi Alton at The Olde Young Tea House

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending my Sunday afternoon eating cake whilst listening to some local talent. The fabulously talented, Abi Alton, held an intimate gig at The Olde Young Tea House in Middlesbrough town centre to celebrate the launch of her new EP, Souvenirs, which is available for download on iTunes now.

We were welcomed through the doors at 4:30pm by Abi herself and took our seats ready for the show to begin at 5pm. The gig was a sell out with around 40 people attending to show their support for the North East star. Apologies for the poor quality photo, I forgot to take my camera along with me so I had to put up with my phone camera instead.

What amazes me the most about Abi is not only can she sing and write her own songs, she also plays the piano AND the guitar. It’s not often you can find multi-talented people like her. Whilst Abi played her set list, the crowd listened intently to her soulful lyrics and angelic voice – you could literally hear a pin drop during each performance, that’s how much of an impact Abi’s music has on her audience.

The Olde Young Tea House

In between each song, Abi Alton, from the small town of Guisborough, talked us through her reasons behind writing them. From City Girl which was written by her whilst she was on the X Factor and living in London to a new track called Paradise which was specially written for her to play whilst one of her friends walked down the aisle at her wedding. In addition to her own material, the singer/songwriter also performed covers from influential artists Joni Mitchell and Years and Years.

No words will ever be enough to describe Abi’s raw talent; her voice is truly stunning. I couldn’t quite believe how amazing she sounded live and I’ve been listening to her EP on repeat ever since. My favourite tracks from her latest EP are Flaws and Souvenirs. Last month saw the release of Abi’s first music video which you can watch below (and I strongly recommend that you do!).

Please give this girl a listen and show her your support. She’s such an amazing musician that I’m certain you will all love this just as much as I do!

Have you bought Abi Alton’s Souvenirs EP yet? What’s your favourite song?


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