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15th September 2015

North Yorkshire Moors

People are quick to judge when I say I’m from Middlesbrough. Voted the worst place to live in England in 2007 by the TV programme Location Location Location, the town hasn’t got a great reputation through the eyes of the media. In actual fact, the majority of people who bad name us either haven’t visited Middlesbrough or haven’t ventured much further than the town centre. 

When me and my friends trekked up Roseberry Topping a couple of weekends ago, we were talking about how lucky we were to live in the area in which we do. Standing at the peak of the iconic hill, for miles we could only see a patchwork quilt of green fields with sight of the sea at Redcar to our right. When standing at the top, it’s hard to believe their is a bustling town centre is just a small drive away.

From our houses, we are situated just 15 minutes away from the town centre in one direction, the North Yorkshire moors in another and the seaside in another. I don’t think there are many places in the UK that are perfectly located within easy reach of the town centre, breath-taking views and the sea front, are there? Whether you’re after a family day out at the seaside, a stress-relieving walk around the beautiful countryside or fancy a shopping trip in the town, everything is easily accessible within a few minutes drive.

Of course, Middlesbrough homes a few places which are run-down and considered ‘rough’ but doesn’t everywhere? Teesside has always been portrayed negatively through the media showing that we have no common decency and would rather claim benefits than work for a living. However the region is filled with talented people doing well for themselves. Take my old school friends for example; Aimee Willmott is currently training for the Olympics in Rio which will be her second time taking part in the Olympic games whilst sisters Zoe and Holly Bellamy of Bellamy Dance Company have just been approached by Middlesbrough Council to run dance classes at the new multi-million pounds sports village which has recently opened just off Marton road.

The people of the North East are among the friendliest people I’ve ever met. When you visit busy cities like London everyone is too busy rushing from A to B to give anybody else the time of day. Smiling at random people passing by and striking up a conversation in the shopping queue is common protocol when you’re in Teesside, I think you would find it difficult to find a friendlier bunch of people elsewhere.

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