Halloween | A Handful of Treats

28th October 2015

Halloween DIY treats

I thought I’d do a quick midweek post this week to show you how I’ll be dishing out my Halloween sweets to the kids on my street this year. Inspired by Tracy from Chocs Away with her popcorn hands with gummy fingers and the endless inspiration on Pinterest, I decided to do the same by grabbing some rubber gloves and filling them with an assortment of sweets. 

I bought a variety of sweets that I knew the kids would love including retro WHAM bars and Scooby Doo themed popping candy. I made sure all of the treats I bought were pre-wrapped for the piece of mind of the parents! Once I’d bought the sweets I went to Boyes to get some spooky ribbon so I could fasten the gloves closed and make them look more presentable. The ribbon was £1 for 3m and came in a variety of patterns and colours which you could mix and match depending on how many gloves you are making.

I only made 6 gloves worth of treats as I’ll be going to a party quite early and won’t be home but if you’re staying in for the night, make sure you make up quite a few just in case you have lots of trick or treaters! I’ll also be keeping an emergency bowl of treats by the door just in case I get lots of kids coming to my door before I go out!

Halloween DIY treats

What sweets will you be giving to your trick or treaters this year? How will you be serving them?


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