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16th November 2015

The Dough Box Yarm

Last week I finally got to visit The Dough Box in Yarm to sample their gourmet pizzas. Formerly the original Purple Pig, the owner of the chain-restaurant decided to transform the popular burger bar into a new concept for Teesside – a New York style pizza joint.

The interior has a sleek monochrome theme featuring iconic photographs of the luxury city that is New York. Upon arrival, the new eatery was really clean and we were the first guests of the evening, however it wasn’t long before the place started to fill up with more groups.

Dough Balls at The Dough Box

We were encouraged to ‘Check In’ on Facebook to receive a free portion of dough balls which was a nice touch, we all love a freebie! The portion was large enough for us to have 3 balls each which was enough to keep us going until our main course arrived. The dough balls were really fresh and you could also order a cheesy version.

The Yarm eating place caters for all appetites allowing you to buy pizza by the slice or opt for a 11″ or 15″ if you’re feeling peckish! If you can’t quite finish your pizza but don’t want to waste it, a member of staff will box it up for you to take home. There are also plenty of side orders you can get to accompany your meal which are also available for takeout.

The Full Farm BBQ Calzone

One of my main reasons for wanting to visit The Dough Box was for their Calzone pizzas. If you are lucky enough to find a restaurant that has a folded pizza option on the menu, the chances are it is filled with ham and mushrooms. However at The Dough Box you can pick any pizza off the menu and have it made into a calzone so I picked the ‘Full Farm’ pizza which was a combination of torn chicken, meatballs and pepperoni – delicious! I asked the waiter if they could swap the tomato base for a BBQ sauce one instead and they kindly accommodated me which was great.

Overall I really enjoyed my first experience at The Dough Box in Yarm and  will definitely be making a trip back in the future. The atmosphere was very laid back and the staff were lovely.

What do you think of this New York style eatery? Would you like to eat here?


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