Beauty | My First MAC Haul

26th January 2016

MAC Haul

Would you believe before this mini haul, I only owned one MAC lipstick? I bought the shade ‘Pink Pearl’ a few years back whilst I was visiting Edinburgh and was let loose in Harvey Nichols for the first time. It seemed obligatory to make a purchase at the MAC counter to mark the occasion. Back then I was young and knew nothing about make-up (I’m not much better now!) so I picked a colour that stood out to me but didn’t necessarily complement my skin. I’ve used the lipstick on the occasional night out but don’t reckon much to the shade. It wasn’t until last November whilst I was in Budapest that I decided to venture into MAC and pick up a few things now I’ve got a better idea on what colours suit me best. 

MAC Swatches

I had some spending money to spare so decided to have a small splurge on some new lip products. I picked up two matte lipsticks in the shades of ‘Mehr’ and the peoples favourite, ‘Velvet Teddy’. I also bought a lip liner in the shade ‘Edge to Edge’ to use alongside the Mehr lipstick and the combination is a dream!

I’m in love with lip liners at the minute, I feel like they make my lipstick last a lot longer and help shape my lips properly. My MAC lip liner applies wonderfully and I think it compliments Mehr really well. Can anyone recommend a good lip liner I can use with Velvet Teddy?

MAC Lipsticks

Between the two lipsticks, Mehr is definitely my favourite.  I’ve decided that matte lipsticks are much more complimentary to my skin tone and more wearable than sheer ones. I find it much easier to wear these lipsticks day and night without overdoing it.

What’s your favourite product from MAC? 

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