Fitness | MyProtein: Pre-Workout PulseGel Review

30th January 2016

MyPre Gel | MyProtein

Back in December, I really struggled with my energy levels. I’m not sure if it was down to the hectic run up to Christmas or just general can’t-be-arsed syndrome but I needed something to perk me up before my sessions at the gym that provided me with more energy than a banana could. 

Having tried pre-workouts in the past (including my boyfriend’s Jack 3D and Grenade 50 Calibre), they’ve worked great in the gym however I’ve always felt quite shaky and sick afterwards. I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks so I’m not used to caffeine and that could be why my body wasn’t reacting too well to it.

Whilst I was browsing the MyProtein website (which happens way too often with their tempting offers arriving daily to my inbox) I decided to look at what pre-workouts they had available. My boyfriend used the MyPre workout for over a year which seemed to work great for him however if he took it after 7pm he would struggle to sleep on a night. I decided I only wanted a little boost as I can’t handle having anything muck up my sleeping pattern!

I came across the range of Pulse:Gel (soon to be called MyPre Gel) and decided to order a sample sachet of each flavour: tropical storm and berry blast. When they arrived I was impressed by compact packaging making them convenient for slipping into my gym bag – no measuring or mixing required. Both of the samples I received tasted great, although a bit sour, they were manageable and didn’t make me squirm. I feel like the Pulse:Gel gives me a good enough boost to help me stay focused in the gym without making me feel nauseous or hyper come bed time.

I have since purchased a box of the tropical storm Pulse:Gel and have been grabbing a sachet whenever I’ve felt drained after work and need something to see me through. I don’t want to get into the habit of taking it every time I go to the gym as I feel it will become less effective but so far I’m loving the results.

How do you give yourself a boost before a tough session at the gym?


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