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2nd February 2016

Bloom and Wild Flowers

Last year for my birthday my parents bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They weren’t your average bunch of flowers though, they were letterbox flowers which arrived whilst I was at work one day. Ordered from a cool online florist shop called Bloom and Wild, I was amazed by the compact packaging and the freshness of the flowers. Let me tell you a little bit about them. 

Bloom and Wild specialise in making the whole ‘giving’ process a lot more streamlined. Gone are the days of last minute panic-buying and having to settle for a mediocre gift for someone who means a lot to you. In a few quick clicks, you can have a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers delivered straight through their door.

We live in a world where time never stands still. There’s always somewhere you have to be or something you need to do and there’s lack of face-to-face communication because we’re all simply too busy. It’s for this same reason that I think letterbox flowers are a great idea for keeping up with the times and adapting to the ways of modern day life.

Bloom and Wild Flowers Letterbox Flowers

The letterbox flowers arrive in a compact, rectangular box which is the perfect size for sliding through a standard letterbox. The flowers are securely packaged in cellophane and the buds are protected with a breathable casing. Complete with a bow and a personal note from my parents, I was over the moon with how secure everything was.

I received the Bloom & Wild Bonfire bouquet to mark Bonfire Night which is three days before my birthday (I received these flowers in November). They came with an advice card with the best way to arrange the flowers and how to look after them which is really useful. My bouquet stayed fresh for around 7 days and even then I was able to save some of the flowers for a little bit longer.

Bloom and Wild Flowers

Bloom and Wild have plenty of seasonal bouquets for you to choose from. Whilst the range of flower bouquets isn’t massive, they focus on producing only the best quality bunches for your loved ones. They also give you the option to add additional gifts to your order at the end including sweets and chocolates if you want to give a bit more.

What are you thoughts on letterbox flowers? Are they something you would buy for a friend or family member?


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