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16th February 2016

Nosh Healthy Kitchen - Skinny Parmo

Although it’s just a small part of the UK, the North East of England has a lot to offer its locals and visitors alike. Today I’m talking about one of the greatest things to come from Teesside and that is the mighty Parmo! 

What is a Parmo? 

A Parmo (short for Parmesan) is deep-fried chicken coated in breadcrumbs topped with a layer of bechamel sauce and cheese. Below I’ve listed my top 5 favourite restaurants and takeaways to get a Parmo from.

Golden Fry, Park End

If you want to stretch your money further, a small chicken parmasan from Golden Fry is the one. For £7.50, you can get a chicken parmo big enough to feed two adults and a child. Me and my boyfriend are big eaters and we still can’t finish a small between us. As an added bonus, they serve chip-shop chips with it too!

The Masham, Hartburn Village 

I love The Masham. It has a super cosy atmosphere and they serve really good grub! The breadcrumbs of their parmasans are really crispy which I love and there’s a good amount of cheese on top.

The Masham Hartburn Village - Parmasan

Nosh Healthy Kitchen, Linthorpe Road

As you can imagine, parmos aren’t the healthiest meal out there but if those cravings are getting the better of you, Nosh Healthy Kitchen is where you need to go! Available to sit in or take away, Nosh offers a healthier alternative to the parmo by oven baking breaded chicken and using low fat bechamel sauce and cheese. The portions are great too so you won’t be left hungry in a hurry.

Borges Restaurant, Stockton on Tees

For a really indulgent parmo experience, Borges restaurant do an amazing chicken parmasan! It’s a great size and is topped with a herby garnish which adds some extra flavour to the traditional taste.

Borges Chicken Parmasan

Union Jacks, Middlesbrough

If you’re looking for a restaurant-style parmo  but don’t fancy leaving your house, Union Jacks offers delivery on their restaurant menu which includes their gourmet parmos. They do loads of crazy takes on the Teesside favourite including the full English breakfast parmasan. Served with chunky homemade  chips, Union Jacks was voted the best takeaway parmo by the Parmo Hunters.

Have you tried the Teesside delicacy? Where is your favourite place to get a parmo? 


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