Fitness | An Update: BodyPower, Macros and FitBits

22nd March 2016

courgetti spaghetti

I haven’t written a fitness post for a while now even though it has been at the forefront of my life lately. Since my bargain gymwear haul, I’ve been making changes and setting more goals for 2016. After becoming more accustomed to Snapchat (thanks for the tutorial Zoe!), I’ve started to follow some fitness profiles which have really inspired me to reach for greater things fitness wise. 

Tracking Macros

For a few months I’ve been curious about learning how to work out my macros and how to track them. I’ve never been one for dieting but I want to make sure my body is getting the correct amount of nutrients it needs to perform to the best of its ability. Previously I’ve had really tired spells so I’m trying to find ways to recharge myself so I can live a fuller and healthier lifestyle. I’ve been following a local fitness trainer called Richie Howey and he has been giving out some great advice on how to lose fat and how to prevent bloating which I’m finding really useful. Whilst I’m still trying to get my head around the whole macro thing, it’s amazing to see how much I’ve been depriving my body of the food groups which are most important (fat and protein mostly!).


Last week I bought a FitBit as a way to track my heart rate, calories burned throughout each day and to set goals for myself. As my job involves sitting at a desk all day, gaining the recommended amount of physical activity can be a struggle if I don’t go to the gym. Since getting my FitBit, I’ve been making a conscious effort to get moving on my lazy days to ensure I meet my tailored goals.

Drinking More Water

I’m sick of feeling bloated and recently learnt that one of the causes of bloating is due to your body storing water because it’s not getting enough and doesn’t know when it will next get some. Before I used to drink 1 litre of liquid (not necessarily water) so I’m aiming to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. You can find out how much water you should be drinking with this daily water intake calculator.

BodyPower Expo 2016

This year me and my Ross are going to the biggest fitness event in the UK – The BodyPower Expo at the NEC in Birmingham. I’m getting him tickets for his birthday and we’re going to travel down and make a weekend of it. I’m so excited to see the likes of Jamie Alderton and Heidi Somers there too. There’s going to be loads of athletes, supplement/food brands and workout stations for us to browse and have a chat to so it should be really interesting and beneficial for the both of us.

Making Nutritious Meals

Me and Ross have been making a real effort with our meals lately. We’ve been planning our breakfast, dinner and tea which has helped to reduce our food wastage, something we’ve struggled with in the past. We’ve been trying to include more veggies into our meals and have started to use seasonings to create tasty yet nutritious meals. Healthy chicken burritos, courgetti spaghetti and steak with sweet potato mash have been some of our favourites so far. Who said healthy eating had to be boring and tasteless?

What are your fitness goals for 2016? Do you have any tips?


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