The Chairman | Bedford Street, Middlesbrough

9th April 2016

The Chairman, Bedford Street Middlesbrough

Last Friday I met up with my mam for a lunch date at new pub, The Chairman, which is located on Bedford Street in Middlesbrough town centre. In case you haven’t already heard, Bedford Street is being transformed into a foodie’s paradise with a series of specialist eating and drinking places. Some of the eateries include a burrito bar, an upmarket carvery restaurant, a bakery and a coffee house. 

The Chairman is one of the first eateries to open amongst neighbours Bedford Street Coffee House and The Nuthatch cocktail bar. A new addition to the growing number of micro pubs in the area, The Chairman offers craft ale and sophisticated pub grub.

The Chairman, Bedford Street Middlesbrough

Since visiting Thaikhun a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been really enjoying sharing dishes. I love being able to pick and choose what I fancy eating and have a variation to satisfy my tastes buds. At The Chairman they offer a variety of mini dishes which are available for £4 each or £3 for £10 as well as a choice of burgers and popular pub grub dishes.

We decided to opt for the sharing dishes so I picked the roast potatoes in gravy with tomato meatballs and local spiced sausage whilst my mam got roast potatoes, salt and pepper chicken and king prawns. After about 15-20 minutes the food came out piping hot and looked well-presented in cute dishes. You could tell that only fresh, quality ingredients were used to make the food. The meatballs were extremely lean and the chicken was very succulent.

The Chairman, Bedford Street Middlesbrough

I loved the cool, laid-back interior featuring exposed brick walls, steel chairs and distressed wood features. As I mentioned before, The Chairman is one of the first eateries to open on the street so business hasn’t quite picked up yet. With the closed road and building work currently taking place, locals aren’t aware that some of the shops are already open for business. As soon as the work is finished on the street and the rest of the eateries open which is due to be May/June time, I think the place will really take off.

I can imagine a lot of people popping into The Chairman for a coffee and a bit of people-watching by the window seats. I can also see the bar being popular on match days and weekends with small groups looking to grab a bite to eat to line their bellies for a night of drinking.

Is The Chairman a place you would like to visit?


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