Skincare | Ladykin: Purity Blueberry Foam Cleanser

27th April 2016

Ladykin Blueberry Foam Cleanser

I was shopping online at Beauty Bay a few weeks and came across some beauty products from the Korean brand, Ladykin. Korean beauty brands have been widely and highly spoken of recently so I thought I’d take the opportunity to try some for myself. I was in need of a new cleanser to team up with my Magnitone cleansing brush and the pretty packaging of the purity foam cleanser jumped out at me in the product listing.

The cleansers I’ve tried in the past have usually been a gel consistency so I was excited to try a foam for a change. In terms of texture, the foam is really light and has a silky feel to it which I love. The product uses a hypoallergenic formula making it a suitable cleanser for all skin types, even the most sensitive. With a subtle hint of blueberry, the fragrance is mild and soothing on the skin. Promising to delicately remove all traces of dirt and excess oil from your skin, the Ladykin foam cleanser aims to enrich your skin with antioxidants and nutrients to give you a noticeable glow.

Ladykin Blueberry Foam Cleanser

My Skincare Routine

I’ve been using the Ladykin foam cleanser together with my Magnitone cleansing brush which has really helped to enhance my skincare routine. Squeezing a small, pea-sized amount onto my finger, I apply the cleansing foam to my face in a circular motion whilst damp. I then move the brush slowly around my face in sync with the timer, wash the excess from my face and dry off with a towel. A small amount of the cleanser goes a long way so I can see it lasting a few months before I’ll need to repurchase, making the price tag of £7.25 worthwhile.

The Results

Teamed together with a cleansing brush, this cleanser is the definition of ‘squeaky clean’. Every time I use it and dry off my face, my skin is literally glowing for the rest of the evening (particularly my nose). Afterwards my face feels tight and refreshed as though I’d just had a facial which is incredible for a budget friendly skincare product.

Have you tried any Korean beauty products before? What are your thoughts?


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