A Group Meal at Vadah Indian Restaurant | Stockton

21st May 2016

Vadah Indian Restaurant, Stockton

Today I’m writing a review of an Indian restaurant I visited in Stockton a couple of weeks ago called Vadah. Perfectly situated by the River Tees creating a picturesque setting for an evening meal, Vadah is a place I had been wanting to try for a good few months. After a number of rave reviews from some friends, I finally got around to trying it for myself. 

We booked a table for 10 people as it would have been risky to just turn up. I was actually surprised by the size of the restaurant as it’s bigger than I expected. We went on a Wednesday night and had the table booked for 7:30pm, the restaurant had a warm and welcoming feel when you walk in with plenty of tables already filled which was definitely a good sign.

River Tees Stockton

We started the night off with some drinks, a plate of poppadoms and a pickle tray to keep us going whilst we chose our main course and waited for the food to arrive to the table. There was one dip in particular that I couldn’t get enough of, I wish I’d have asked what it was! It was bright red like lava, had a really smooth consistency and had a lovely kick to it.

What I love about Indian restaurants is that even if you order the same dish everywhere you go, the taste can differ massively. When ordering a chicken balti, the waiter told me that their version of a balti is slightly milder than most other Indian restaurants and asked if I would like them to make it hotter. I thought it was great to have the option however I stuck to the normal version as I wasn’t sure how much spice I could handle! The presentation of the main courses was great, with curries served up in small frying pans topped with decorative vegetables in the shape of flowers.

Vadah Indian Restaurant, Stockton

The food went down a treat with everyone and there wasn’t much food left over either. My chicken balti had the perfect amount of spice in it, enough to keep me interested without blowing my head off. I also tried some of Ross’ madras which was really tasty with a surprise wave of hotness that came after a few seconds of shoveling it into your mouth.

Sweating in the corner, my friend Gordy ordered a Vindaloo which was not for the faint-hearted. The spice of the curry bothered him so much that he ended up pinching somebody else’s glass of water from another table to cool his mouth down (haha!).

Overall, the service at Vadah was great and the food tasted amazing! I was also impressed by the reasonable prices, it cost me and Ross less than £30 for poppadoms, a curry with sides and soft drinks.

Have you been to Vadah? What is your favourite curry?


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