GlassesShop: Wayfarer Sunglasses Review

28th May 2016

GlassesShop Sunglasses

With just three weeks to go until my holiday to Greece (eek!), I’ve started to panic a bit. Usually when I book a holiday I get so excited that I start buying bits and bobs straight away. However, I’ve tried to be tactical this year by waiting a couple of weeks before I go in an attempt to save some dollar. Earlier this week I booked my car in for the airport parking and bought my travel insurance too. Now I just need my travel money and to see what extras bits I need to buy i.e. sun cream, toiletries and perhaps some new swimwear? Luckily GlassesShop were on hand to remind me to take some sunglasses with me!

Earlier this month I was received a pair of sunglasses from GlassesShop to take along with me on holiday. GlassesShop is an online shop based in the USA that specialises in cheap glasses that are both fashionable and fit for purpose. Offering a variety of prescription and non-prescription eye-wear for men and women, GlassesShop is a convenient place to update your prescription and buy some new sunglasses without breaking the bank.

When I was asked which glasses I would like to sample, I was tempted to pick some prescription sunglasses so I didn’t have to buy some daily disposable contact lenses for my time away. However I decided against the idea because contact lenses just seem more convenient to me because switching between normal glasses to sunglasses can be a pain, can’t it? Instead I ended up picking some non-prescription brown Wayfarer similar to the popular frame as sold by RayBan.

GlassesShop Wayfarer Sunglasses

The glasses frames of the Wayfarers are extremely lightweight and they sit behind my ears perfectly; there’s nothing quite like the pain you endure behind your ears from a pair of badly-fitted glasses. Whilst the frames are lovely and light, they seem to be robust unlike the pair I purchased from Primark last year where one of the arms completely fell off!

When I go on holiday with my friends, we always look for the cheapest deal; as long as it’s warm and sunny we don’t mind where we go. Unfortunately this means I feel uneasy taking my original RayBans away with me so the Wayfarers from GlassesShop are perfect. Priced at roughly £30 when converted from dollars, you know you are getting a quality pair of sunglasses at a good price. Shipping is available worldwide too!

Use code ‘GSHOT50’ for 50% off all eyeglasses and sunglasses at GlassesShop.



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