Events | Stewart Park Farmers’ Market

9th July 2016

Smoklahoma at Stewart Park Farmers Market

A few Sundays ago, me and Ross decided to have a wander down to Stewart Park for the farmers’ market that takes place on the last Sunday of every month. We live in a little village called Ormesby which is home to the beautiful Ormesby Hall and St Cuthberts church making a lovely scenic route for us to walk to Stewart Park. I’ve lived in Ormesby my whole life and I’m still amazed by the beauty that is available to me right on my doorstep. Anyway, you’re here to read about the farmers’ market so let’s get to it! 

Ormesby Hall

We got to the market around midday and already stalls were beginning to sell out (the market takes place from 9am until 2pm). Our main mission was to get some more pies from the Pie Jackers but unfortunately they had been very busy and their selection of flavours wasn’t to our liking. Luckily, we found another homemade pastry stall to feed our needs for homemade pie.

A lovely guy from a stall called Elizabeth’s Homemade Fayre was selling a great choice of large pies lovingly made by his wife. We bought a lean steak mince and gravy pie and a chicken and bacon pie too. Both pies were absolutely delicious, easily the best we’ve ever tasted. If I remember correctly they were priced at around £4.60 a pie which we thought was a little expensive at first. However you can totally taste the quality in each pie and both of them were jam-packed with meaty goodness.

Crumble and Slice at Stewart Park Farmers Market

A day earlier we had visited the Orange Pip Market and sampled the rocky road and triple choc brownies from a stall called Crumble and Slice. We were happy to see the same stall make an appearance at the farmers’ market and decided to treat ourselves to another triple chocolate brownie each because they really tasted THAT GOOD. The perfect consistency of gooiness with a crisp outer layer.

Smoklahoma at Stewart Park Farmers Market

For our lunch we had pulled pork sandwiches which we wandered around the park with. The sandwiches were served on red gingham paper which looked really effective compared to your standard takeaway serving up in polystyrene boxes. The stall was called Smoklahoma and they offered a short but sweet menu with the option of a pulled pork sandwich or a smoked hot dog available with a variety of toppings and homemade sauces. The meat is smoked for 16 hours which meant it just fell apart and was easy to eat – not a bit of fat in sight. Without a sauce it would be pretty plain so we added a squirt of BBQ to ours and it was lovely.

It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and the weather was kind to us too. I’m looking forward to future events to see what other food companies decide to make an appearance. It’s a beautiful location for all of the family to taste some local produce all whilst enjoying the animals, play area and the gardens Stewart Park has to offer.

Stewart Park farmers’ market takes place on the last Sunday of every month from 9am until 2pm