Hair | The End of Kinks and Snags?

26th July 2016

Invisibobbles vs Primark version
A few months ago I was introduced to the traceless hair ring that promises no kinks, no snags and no more headaches from tight bobbles. I originally picked up a pack of five from Primark for £1.50 which included a variety of metallic hair rings with cute charms hanging off them. These were better value than the original Invisibobble which is priced at around £3.95 for three. Today I’m putting both bobbles to the test to see if they work and if they’re worth investing in. 

Resembling an old telephone cord, the main appeal of these unusual-looking hair bobbles is their claim to free your hair from those dreaded kinks. Whenever I tie my hair back into a tight and secure ponytail, I get a stubborn kink that is near-impossible to straighten out. As a result of this, I tend to wash my thick, long hair each time I tie it up as it makes it easier to style. As you can imagine, washing and drying my hair so often is stripping it of its natural oils and is taking up a lot of my time. I thought if these bobbles live up to the hype, I’d be able to take my bobble out the next day, brush my hair and style it as normal without worrying about walking around with a bad case of bed-hair.

Despite the odd design of the traceless bobbles, neither version gets tangled in your hair, nor do they make your head hurt as they offer more flexibility than the traditional bobble. Both bobbles do the job at preventing those awful kinks from nestling in your hair, making styling much easier.


 Here’s a quick overview of each design:

Invisibobble £3.75 for 3
+ Compact packaging
+ Small and discreet
+ Blends in with your hair colour (available in other colours)
+ Wraps around my thick hair four times for a secure fit
+ Comfortable to sleep in
– More expensive than traditional bobbles
– Loses shape after first use
– Starts to slacken when running

Primark version £1.50 for 5
+ Variety of metallic colours to suit your mood
+ More for your money
+ Addition of charms for extra sass
– Much thicker than the original making them making them less discreet
– Loses shape after first use
– Only wraps around my thick hair three times making it feel unsecure
– Snapped after 2 weeks

Cost – If you want a quick fix and you’re not bothered about having to replace them from time to time, Primark is the one. Five for £1.50, you can’t grumble.

Durability – Invisibobble’s ultra small packaging is deceiving. Providing a secure fit, they’ve done a great job of keeping my hair in place on a day to day basis when I’m not running.

Appearance – Although Primark have made more of an effort with the look of the hair rings by adding charms to them and a metallic finish, I like my bobbles to be discrete in my hair so Invisibobble win this one.

Are traceless hair rings something you would like to try?


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