Vodka Revolution Cocktail Masterclass | Nottingham

10th August 2016


Last month I travelled down to Nottingham for my friend’s hen party. I’ve never been to a hen party before so I was really looking forward to letting my hair down with the girls and celebrating the end of my friend’s single life. One of the main parts of the night was a cocktail masterclass which took place at Vodka Revolution at Nottingham’s Cornerhouse. It was a really fun experience and great value for money so I thought I’d tell you all a little more about it.

Upon arrival we were seated by our own bar where the masterclass would take place for the next couple of hours. Whilst we waited for our hosts to set up and for the rest of our party to arrive, we were each given a bubblegum daiquiri topped with edible flying saucers (it tasted as good as it sounds!). We were also provided with a posh platter of nibbles which included pretzels, vegetable crisps and guacamole and cheese bites to enjoy throughout the class.

Nibbles at Vodka Revs

In groups of four we took it in turns to stand behind the bar and make our own cocktails. During the first round we were given an introduction to cocktail making and shown how to use some of the popular tools to create the perfect cocktail. The first group of girls created a classic Cosmopolitan each which we shared around the group afterwards, another classic was the mojito which was made by another group.

When it was my turn to get behind the bar, it was time for a challenge. We paired up and one person had to be blindfolded whilst the other one had to act as the blindfolded persons eyes. I was the one to be blindfolded and my friend had to tell me what to do. I thought we did pretty well, despite knocking one of the drinks over! (oopsie). Unfortunately we didn’t win and had to take a shot as a forfeit – A hot chilli shot which we were conned into thinking it was strawberry flavour!

Vodka Revolution Cocktail Masterclass

Towards the end of the class, we were able to pick a cocktail of our choice to make ourselves. I picked the Rumbull which was made up of Sailor Jerry rum, tropical Red Bull, lime juice and mango purée. It tasted lovely and it was great to be able to pick our favourite drinks from the menu and learn how to make them ourselves.

At the end of the masterclass, our host set up a line of glasses filled with soda with vodka shot glasses balanced on the edge of them. The bride-to-be then had to knock the first shot glass to create a domino effect which was a fun way to end the cocktail making class. We were then able to take the drinks away to enjoy with our meal.

After the masterclass we enjoyed a two course meal which was included in the price we paid in advance. I opted for a margarita pizza whilst others opted for burgers and salads. The pizza was ample size and came with a lovely dip to spice things up a bit. After our main courses we enjoyed a sharing dessert which involved a salted caramel chocolate fondue set complete with fresh slices of banana, strawberries, marshmallows and sourdough pieces. The dessert was delicious but the fondue was extremely sickly which is not really what you want if you’re planning to consume lots of drinks afterwards!

Vodka Revs Sharing Dessert

We paid £40 each for the cocktail making class and nibbles followed by a two course meal. As you can see, we got a lot for our money and our glasses were never left empty! Vodka revolution offer a few packages to suit the budget and nature of your party. With prices starting from £25 per person, it’s an affordable experience for a special occasion with your friends or family. For more information visit the Vodka Revolution website.

What’s your favourite cocktail? What would your dream hen party consist of?