Mother, Daughter Day at Bexters Tea Room | Stokesley, North Yorkshire

1st September 2016

Bexters Tea Room, Stokesley

A few weeks ago me and my mam decided to venture to somewhere a little different to our beloved places in Middlesbrough and Norton by turning our sights to Stokesley instead. We decided to go to Bexters Tea Room situated just off the busy high street of Stokesley village. My mam’s friend’s sister owns the tea room so we decided to pop by for a spot of lunch on a wet and dreary day.

Bexters Tea Room - Hot Chocolate

The tea room was larger than I expected and it had a warm and welcoming feeling to it despite the wet weather outside. With a large drinks menu located on the wall behind the cake counter, they have plenty of drinks to choose from including a variety of teas and vintage soft drinks. To warm myself up I opted for a hot chocolate made with melted chocolate drops and it tasted amazing! I went for the regular hot chocolate as I didn’t want to fill myself up too much before my lunch but you can get a luxury hot chocolate which is topped with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate drops if you really want to treat yourself. I’d love to go back and try their white hot chocolate too! An added bonus to the chocolate was the small jug that came with it containing a little top up of hot chocolate. I always get a bit jealous when people order a pot of tea and get a couple of cups from it so this was a lovely addition for a non-tea lover like me.

Bexters Tea Room, Stokesley - Tuna Panini

For our lunch, me and my mam both picked a Panini from the menu – I went for the ham and mozzarella whilst my mam chose tuna. They were both served on a large plate and were basically the size of a baguette cut in half. The bread was super soft and fluffy inside exactly how I love my paninis, they were piping hot when they came to our table and the cheese was oozing from the sides. There was plenty of filling and we both really enjoyed what we had ordered. As I’m a bit of a fusspot, I asked for mine without salad and coleslaw so mine looked a bit boring compared to my mams but it was really lovely and I couldn’t have eaten any more!

Bexters Tea Room, Stokesley

We were both really full after our sandwiches so I decided to buy a cake to take home with me. At Bexters Tea Room they have plenty of cakes, scones and tarts to choose from. With a dedicated shelf of gluten free goodies, it was lovely to see they try to cater for a variety of tastes and dietary requirements. I picked out a chunky triangle-shaped slab of homemade millionaires shortbread which was delicious but I couldn’t quite finish it because the caramel was a bit to rich for me. Overall me and my mam really enjoyed ourselves at Bexters Tea Room and will be visiting again in the future.

Ever been to Bexters Tea Room? Let me know in the comments if you’ve been!