Skincare | Friction Free Shaving: Razor Subscription Review

13th September 2016

Friction Free Shaving - Samantha

I’ve always been fond of subscription boxes ever since I bought my first Birchbox. There’s something really exciting about receiving mail through the letterbox that’s not just another bill or sales leaflet. A couple of months ago I came across a brand called Friction Free ShavingFriction Free Shaving, FFS for short – straight away I was drawn in by their lighthearted approach. Friction Free Shaving is the UK’s first women’s razor subscription box of its kind. 

I know myself that although I buy disposable razors, I begrudge throwing them away after their first use and try to get a couple of weeks out of each one. The idea behind Friction Free Shaving is they provide you with enough blades to last you one month, giving you chance to swap your blade each week to a fresh, clean one. By changing your blade more regularly, it feels like your shaving with a new razor every time, not only this but it also minimises the chances of rashes and skin irritation. FFS offers an affordable service (from just £3!) to give you the soft and silky legs you’ve always wanted with minimal effort. No more panicking on a Saturday night and realising you forgot to buy razors because they’ll get delivered directly to your door each month.

Currently, there are three razors to choose from:

Faye: A 2 blade razor – £3 a month for 4 blades

Frankie: A 3 blade razor – £5 a month for 4 blades

Samantha: A 5 blade razor – £7 a month for 4 blades

Friction Free Shaving - Samantha

My Experience with FFS

Of course, I opted for the Samantha razor because we share the same name. Not only this but I prefer to use razors with 4-5 blades as I find they give you much smoother results. When I received my first box about 3 days after placing my order, the handle and four blades were neatly stored and secure. I love that the box featured a reworked version of one of my favourite songs – Seven Days by Craig David. The handle and blades resembled the likes of Gillettes – well-built and nice to look at with a lovely gold detail to the sides. I felt as though the razor hugged and maneuvered around my skin better than my usual disposable razors, particularly around my ankles. The blades also seem much sharper which is great, just be careful around areas such as your knees and ankles.

Friction Free Shaving - Free Gifts

Additional Surprise Gifts

With this subscription service you can cancel any time. Once you have received your handle in your first box, you then continue to receive new blades along with other little gifts. This month I received a £10 Bloom and Wild voucher (which I’ve used before and LOVE!) as well as a pack of tampon disposal bags from FabLittleBag. I think these were nice little gifts and obviously they’ve took into consideration their audience.

Whilst it’s a great concept with a fantastic brand image, I don’t imagine I’ll be keeping my subscription up simply because it’s another outgoing that I could really do without!

Is a monthly razor subscription something you would consider?


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