Events | Festival of Thrift 2016, Kirkleatham

17th September 2016

Sweet Campers - Festival of Thrift

Today marks the start of the two day Festival of Thrift. This year the sustainable festival has relocated from Darlington to Kirkleatham in Redcar for its annual celebration of all things thrifty and fabulous. From the free family festival you can expect to find over 120 stalls, 200 workshops and demos and over 1,200 things to do. On from 10am to 5pm, you can participate in some clever workshops, fill your belly with food from the unique boutique vans dotted around the grounds and watch a series of entertainment shows and exhibitions. 

Bar-a-van - Festival of Thrift

One of the things I love most about the festival is the fantastic use of old caravans, campers and other means of transport. Some of the conversions you see are insanely good! Another really cool feature this year was the DJ Jukebox which involved a live DJ inside a converted portaloo who invites you over to play your favourite classic party songs.

DJ Juke Box - Fest of Thrift

Festival of Thrift

Like last year, there was plenty of quirky stalls selling handmade, upcycled and recycled goods. There were some fantastic gifts and home accessories that I was very tempted by. I loved the set up for Glorious Greens (as pictured below) which was inside an old horse truck. There was a few stalls selling handmade wooden items such as tables, mirrors and chalk boards which were beautifully made.

Glorious Green - Festival of Thrift

Festival of Thrift

Lucky for us, the sun came out which made the whole day much more enjoyable. There was live music playing and a number of other performances scheduled to play throughout the day. Sitting in deckchairs listening to some live music in the sun sounds like the perfect way to spend your weekend, doesn’t it?

Crumble and Slice - Festival of Thrift

Of course, food is always the highlight of any event for me. As soon as we arrived we walked into a food haven filled with some amazing options to choose from. There were a few familiar faces which I’ve spotted at local markets previously including The Clucking Pig, Urban Fudge and Crumble and Slice. I decided to pick up a Millionaire Bite from Crumble and Slice to eat later on. The treats from this particular stall are always immaculately presented so it’s hard to say no when passing! I also bought a Malteaser brownie from The Brownie Bar which was absolutely delicious!

Brooklyn Bee Pizza from Scream for Pizza - Festival of Thrift

For my lunch I was tempted by the Indian street food stall but instead was drawn to the Scream for Pizza van and it was definitely the best decision I’ve made! Although I thought the prices were a little bit steep (£7 for a 9″ BBQ pulled pork pizza), it was totally worth paying the extra money for! Me and my friend Dan both opted for the Brooklyn Bee pizza which was a combination of tomato sauce, salami, mozzarella and basil, drizzled with a scrumptious chilli flavoured honey. This cost £5 and tasted absolutely beautiful, it really hit the spot! The pizzas were all freshly baked within the van.

Festival of Thrift

I felt as though this years Thrift Festival wasn’t as big as last years event and it was more difficult to navigate around. Despite looking at the occasional maps dotted around the grounds, it was a bit tricky to know how to get to the different sections and I swear we missed a few parts which is a shame. There also seemed to be A LOT of wasps swarming around which made walking around a little bit stressful wafting them away every few minutes. Overall, there’s a lot to see and do and it’s a great day out for the family whilst learning how to live a more sustainable life too.