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10th October 2016

Alloya Forever Aroma Natural Nail Polish

A couple of months ago I was introduced to a new nail polish brand that brought something new to the dressing table. Alloya offers a plentiful range of highly-pigmented nail polish made completely from natural ingredients. Not only this, but the brand is also cruelty free and suitable for vegans. Today I’m talking about some of my favourite nail shades for autumn and introducing you to some potential gifts that would make great stocking fillers for Christmas. 

Alloya Forever Aroma Natural Nail Polish

Left to right: Pink Lady, War of Rose and Naughty Sexy

At a first glance, the packaging is spot on. I love the individual boxes that each polish is stored in and the sturdy, square bottles that are housing the polish. Unlike traditional nail polish, Alloya is made up of a water-based solution, so you don’t have to worry about the colour staining or damaging your natural nails. Despite the polish being water-soluble, the pigmentation is fantastic meaning you can get away with applying just one coat with most of the colours from the collection. What’s more is removal is super easy and simply peels away after a few days of wear. If applied properly, Alloya’s natural nail polish can last up to 5 days chip-free.

Now the dark nights are drawing in, I’m reverting back to my favourite berry and blush shades. The colour War of Rose is my current favourite followed closely by Pink Lady and Naughty Sexy. These colours apply like a dream, are nicely pigmented and are extremely wearable for autumn/winter.

Alloya Manicure

Unlike regular polish, Alloya’s nail solution is lightly scented and doesn’t have that overpowering chemical smell that can leave you with a headache. This makes it a lot easier to apply to your nails as you don’t have to worry about inhaling too much in a confined space.

The downside? Of course, Alloya seems too good to be true and there is a very minor downside to using the polish which is the fact it only lasts around 3-5 days before chips start to show. This could be due to my personal application technique however I feel traditional nail varnish has more staying power. Taking this in to consideration, I feel that the positives easily outweigh the negative so I’m happy to let it slide.

Alloya Forever Aroma Natural Nail Polish

With a little over two months until Christmas, I’ve already started looking at Christmas gifts for my friends and family (you’ve got to start early to spread the cost!). With this in mind, Alloya have released some gorgeous little gift sets that make the perfect stocking fillers and gifts for your friends. Included in each set are three nail colours, a clear topcoat, tape, cleansing pads and a nail art pen. With each set you  can create plenty of colourways and exciting designs. I’ll be giving some of these sets away on my Twitter and Facebook page in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Is Alloya a brand you would like to try? Pop over to the Alloya Instagram page for more nail inspo.


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