Barwick’s Coffee Bar | Portrack Lane, Stockton

18th October 2016

Hot Drinks from Barwicks Coffee Bar, Portrack Lane

Portrack Lane in Stockton isn’t a place I would usually associate with nice places to eat or drink. Having previously worked on Portrack Lane with only Asda, Greggs and McDonalds within walking distance for lunch, I’ve never had much reason to go back when we moved premises. However, it wasn’t until recently me and my mam found out about Barwick’s Coffee Bar, situated in the car park of Collectables, right next to Jump 360. 

Barwicks Coffee Bar, Portrack Lane

We decided to pop in for some lunch and a drink one lunch time whilst we were in the area visiting Dunelm. From the moment we stepped inside the coffee bar, we just loved the interior. With a combination of antique and industrial details such as crank shifts for stools in the centre, the cafe reflects the industrial area in which it is based which I really liked. The lighting fixtures and rustic tables were too beautiful for words. Whilst you would associate a cafe close to home and industrial stores with a place that serves up greasy food, fast to tradesmen in dirty overalls, Barwick’s is completely different. We visited during the lunch time rush and although the majority of the tables were occupied with couples and families, it wasn’t bustling and service was still flowing smoothly and the empty tables were clean and presentable.

Barwicks Coffee Bar, Portrack Lane

Hot drinks are Barwick’s specialty so it would be rude not to sample one. I got a hot chocolate which has a nice frothy top and was really sweet and my mam ordered a cappuccino. We ordered cold drinks to accompany our food which they served a good variety of – I got a bottle of coke and my mam picked up a traditional bottle of dandelion and burdock. I got a fresh ham and cheese panini from the fridge which I took over to the counter to be toasted. My mam ordered a jacket potato with cheese and beans. Both of our meals were served to our table and came out piping hot and looked great. I ordered mine without the salad and it arrived with some extra tasty tortilla chips which complemented my panini perfectly. The branded plates and mugs were a nice touch and the branding gave the place a contemporary feel.

Barwicks Coffee Bar, Portrack Lane

Barwick’s is definitely a place I see myself meeting up with friends for lunch and a quick drink during the week. I also think it would be a great place to take your laptop to get some work done outside of the office. The atmosphere is warm, friendly and laidback – another great place to add to my list of lunch time hangouts.

Is Barwick’s a place you would visit for a catch up over a coffee? Where is your favourite place to meet up with your friends?