American Style Afternoon Tea at Karbon Grill | Hilton Garden Inn, Sunderland

23rd October 2016

American Style Afternoon Tea at Karbon Grill Sunderland

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of joining some other local bloggers for afternoon tea with a twist at the Karbon Grill restaurant in the Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Sunderland. The Karbon Grill is located directly opposite the Stadium of Light and is easily accessible. Lately I have been LOVING picky-teas, you know the kind where you get multiple portions of different types of food to try so you don’t get bored? On Tuesday I got to sample the American style afternoon tea which is new to the Karbon Grill menu. 

American Style Afternoon Tea at Karbon Grill Sunderland

I’m not usually a lover of traditional afternoon tea as I don’t actually drink tea (shock!) and I’m not a fan of fancy sandwiches – throw a ham and cheese sarnie my way any day (maybe not literally…). I was excited to try the American themed sharing tower as it sounded right up my street. Included in the platter were pork and chorizo mini burgers, mini calzones, buffalo wings and cheese and pickle bites. For dessert we had pecan tart, Mississippi mud cake and key lime pie. To wash it all down we were served banana and strawberry milkshakes which were thick like a smoothie.

Karbon Grill Chicken Wings

Although a little bit messy (and rather spicy!), the buffalo wings were crispy and very tasty; served on a bed of lettuce and served with a hot sauce the presentation of the American platter was great. The pork and chorizo sliders were unlike anything I’ve had before and they looked like a classic burger with a tomato, lettuce and gherkin filling but mini-sized. I think my favourite dish was the calzone (folded pizza parcels in case you didn’t already know). There were two different flavours – a herby cheese and a lovely margarita and they tasted great. I’ve never had pickle before so I was interested to see what the cheese and pickle bites would be like. I was pleasantly surprised that the pickle was too overpowering and it just added a nice bit of tang to the cheese bite.

American Trio of Desserts at Karbon Grill

I didn’t try the pecan tart as I don’t really like nuts but I tucked into the other two slices and they both offered something a little different. The key lime pie was like a cheesecake – very indulgent whilst the lime made it more refreshing. The base of the key lime pie had a gingery taste to it which made an unusual combination with the lime but it worked! The Mississippi mud cake was just like a brownie with a soft icing topping; it was quite rich which is how I like my desserts.

I really enjoyed my time at the Karbon Grill and although I didn’t know about it prior to my visit, it’s definitely a place I would revisit when I’m visiting in Sunderland again. The restaurant is contemporary, has beautiful lighting and has a real classy feel to it. The American-style afternoon tea is available from 12noon until 5pm and is £14.50 per person (minimum two people sharing). If you’re a traditionalist, you can also enjoy the classic afternoon tea for £12.50 per person.

Is an American themed afternoon tea something you’d like to try? What’s the quirkiest afternoon tea you’ve experienced? 

*Complimentary food and drink provided by Hilton Garden Inn in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.