Delicious Desserts from Creams Café | Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough

4th December 2016

Banoffee Waffle

Creams – the place where every sweet tooth will leave satisfied and on the verge of a food coma. At Creams you can skip straight to the good stuff by ordering an abundance of treats including indulgent ice cream sundaes, dreamy waffles, mouth-watering crepes and so much more; this is the place where sweet dreams are brought to life.

Located opposite Al Forno on Southfield Road, you can get a sugar rush simply by walking past and smelling the sugary scent seeping out from the windows and doors of the building. I’ve been to the American-style dessert diner three times so far and I just can’t get enough of the place. The waffles are my favourite with so many different combinations to sample, it will take even the most avid dessert eater a good few months to make their way through the extensive menu.

White chocolate cookie dough

Pizza Hut cookie dough is one of my all time favourite desserts so when I spotted a selection of cookie doughs on the Creams menu, I was hesitant as to whether they would live up to it. During my last visit, me and my friends decided to get a ‘starter’ of cookie dough to share before tucking into our waffles. We opted for the white chocolate and macadamia cookie dough which was served with whipped ice cream and tasted heavenly!

Selection of ice cream

Amongst the satisfying selection of desserts to choose from, Creams also boasts a fantastic choice of tempting ice creams and sorbets with flavours including Nutella & peanut butter, bubblegum and strawberry cheesecake. The portions at Creams are really generous but if it’s still not enough, you can also add extra toppings for good measure!

Chocolate fudge waffle

You’re looking at spending around £10 per person for a dessert and a drink but trust me, you’ll be left stuffed for the rest of the evening. I’d recommend Creams to anyone who wants to indulge their sweet tooth on a cheat day!

What would be your dream dessert?