Beauty | Have I been converted to False Eyelashes?

11th December 2016


I’ve always avoided false eyelashes because I’ve never been able to grasp how to apply them correctly. In the past I’ve had a hard time fiddling around sticking my fingers together and having the eyelashes irritate the corner of my eyes. The guys from kindly sent me a couple of pairs to try  to see if they could convert me to the other side. 

First up, I was given a pair of Invogue eyelashes*, these came with a small tube of glue to attach the lashes with. Having a Mac girl as your best friend, you learn a thing or two about makeup! Last weekend she talked me through the best way to apply false eyelashes, instructing me to do my eye makeup first and apply the eyelashes last. As I’ve got small eyes, she said I’d have to trim them down quite a bit which was useful to know because this prevented the eyelashes from irritating the corner of my eyes all night. We used tweezers to apply them which made the application process so much easier! The lashes stayed on all night and were in no hurry to give up on me. The Invogue #3 lashes added natural-looking volume to my natural eyelashes and they were comfortable to wear. The only slight downside was that the glue made it much more difficult to remove my eye makeup and the next morning one of my eyes kept sticking together.

Invogue #3 false eyelashes

On Tuesday I went to the Royal Variety Performance in London. After travelling down to London and having lunch, we didn’t have much time to get ready so I decided to use the Red Cherry self-adhesive lashes* to speed things up a bit. Unfortunately I was left feeling disappointed because I thought the lashes were self-adhesive and the strip stuck to the packaging as I went to apply them. I had no eyelash glue with me either so I was unable to use them for the night and had to resort back to my usual mascara. However, it turns out the lashes weren’t self-adhesive, the glue is just sold separately. I’ll be giving these another go very soon and I’ll update this post to let you know how I get on.

Overall, I’m still not sold on the whole false eyelash thing. My eyelashes aren’t particularly short anyway so with a few coats of mascara I can achieve a similar look without much effort. stock the biggest range of false eyelashes I’ve seen online with more commonly known brands such as Eylure and House of Lashes. Perhaps it’s just a case of spending a little more on a decent pair of eyelashes but I’m yet to be convinced that false eyelashes need to be an essential in my make up bag.

What are your thoughts on false eyelashes? Do you have any tips or brands in particular you love to use?

*This post includes gifted items. Please read my disclaimer for more information.