Lifestyle | 2016: A Year in Review

4th January 2017

Pornstar martini

I’m back with my first post of 2017 which is a very appropriate, cliche reflection post of the last year. I was umming and ahhing about writing this one as I was glad to see the back of 2016 and start afresh. I didn’t feel like I had a great year but it’s always good to reflect and be grateful of the positive things that happened.

I Traveled

In 2016 I started the year off with a trip to Barcelona followed by a sunshine holiday to Greece for a week to unwind. Towards the end of the year I had a hectic couple of weeks travelling to Amsterdam on the ferry and flying to Berlin for the Christmas markets and a spot of sightseeing. My final trip involved a train to London to attend the Royal Variety Performance show, after party and Winter Wonderland, all for the very first time! As I get older, I much prefer busy city breaks to lazy sun holidays, I like to be active and I feel useless when I’m not busy doing something!


Freelance life took off 

After doing a spot of volunteering and completing some online courses in 2015 to refresh my skills and trail some business ideas, I spent 2016 doing freelance work in content and social media marketing alongside my full time job. As the year went on, I had the opportunity to work with some fantastic local companies as well as businesses from as far as South Africa and Australia. Now I’m at a stage where I’m seriously considering turning my side job into a full time business in 2017. Watch this space!

Two weddings and a baby 

Two of my friends tied the knot with their partners at two unbelievable weddings. Another one of my close friends gave birth to the most beautiful little girl who I can’t get enough of. She’s the first baby of any of my friendship groups so it’s literally been the most exciting thing ever! I can’t wait to watch her grow.

2 weddings and a baby

I bought my first ‘grown up’ car

In April I decided to ditch my yellow Fiat 500 and buy a car that was a bit more grown up. Although I loved my little Fiat and it served me well, I was never taken seriously on the road. I bought a Mercedes A180 and it is literally my dream car. It’s a diesel which makes it perfect for long journeys and travelling to meetings –  I can see myself keeping this one for a long time!

I ran my first 5k run and got a time I’m proud of

Long distance running has always been something I wanted to get in to and in 2016 I finally made it a goal. I took part in my first parkrun at my local park and successfully completed it without stopping. My personal best is 28.59 which I’m really happy with! I hope to improve on this by aiming for 25 minutes in 2017.

I broadened my friendship group for the better


2016 was definitely the year that I established my true friends. The support, fun and positivity they bring to my life is incredible and I’ve never been so grateful.

After racking my brain to write this post, it turns out I had a really successful year despite having some personal things that brought a downer on it. I’m happy to be going into 2017 feeling as positive as ever and determined to make it one to remember. I’m not setting any resolutions this year, instead I’m focusing on setting some goals with realistic deadlines to keep me motivated throughout the year. I’d like to call it a mini life plan for 2017. No doubt I’ll be sharing these goals with you further down the line but for now I’m keeping things under wraps.

How was 2016 for you? What positives did you take from it?