Beauty | Can you get a Plump Pout without Surgery?

14th January 2017

Fake Bake Lip Inflate

Over the last few years, my love for beauty has grown dramatically. Slowly but surely I’ve been learning how to apply eye shadow properly and perfecting my liquid eyeliner application technique – I’m getting there! After buying my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick last year and being gifted my first Urban Decay Vice lipstick from my lovely friends Jade & Gordy, I’ve become a little obsessed with lipstick. It’s amazing how much a lipstick can both complement and change your look. Now that I’ve started to experiment more with lipstick, I’ve noticed how much my terrible lip-biting habit is, meaning my lips are constantly chapped. Not only this, my lips are really small too which means I don’t get the finished look that I want. I’d love for my lips to be a little bit bigger but I’m not the type to get cosmetic surgery. I’m not against it but for me personally I don’t think I would go to such extremes. Fortunately I came across a lip plumper that promises the same effects as without the risks and high cost of lip fillers so I decided to give it a go.

The product I’m talking about today is the Fake Bake Lip Inflate* lip gloss. Who’d have thought Fake Bake do other products aside from false tan? Fake Bake is a reputable brand and I was excited to try a product that’s not part of their mainstream collection. Available for £14.95, that’s a small price to pay when you compare it to the price of lip fillers; it promises to ‘plump and smooth’ your lips. The lip inflate is a 2-step product where you can choose your own dosage depending on my big of a pout you would like. The instructions on the box are very minimal and it doesn’t tell you how long your ‘plumped pout’ will last.

Fake Bake Lip Inflate Result

You are instructed to mix a few drops of the collagen plumping mixer with the collagen plumping gloss and then apply to your lips like a normal lip gloss. The small tube of plumping mixer is a gel consistency so applying drops to the wand can be a bit of a struggle, instead I squeezed a line of the mixer across the wand which seemed like an ample amount. The lip gloss contains an effective peptide that encourages the lip to produce more collagen. It also contains glycerin which is what gives your lip a plumped look and gives the illusion of smoother lips.

Upon applying the Lip Inflate product, I could feel the effects almost instantly. The Fake Bake product made my lips tingle and burn up (this is normal!) which made me confident that the gloss was working. I felt like the gloss gave my lips a swelling effect, making it feel like they were plumper however they didn’t look as plump as I expected them to. I did noticed a difference, particularly on my bottom lip which shows it does work to an extent. It seemed to make the blood in my lips rush to the surface, especially on the part of my lip which I had bit, making them look much redder.

In the photo above I had blotted my lips after around 15 minutes of application as I didn’t like the shiny effect it left on my lips. As the instructions didn’t say how long to leave the gloss applied for or how long the results would last or take to appear, it was difficult to know what to do or what to expect. I’m not completely sold on this product but I’ll continue to use it to see if it change my mind!

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