Music | Little Doves at KU Bar, Stockton

16th February 2017

Little Doves KU Bar

I’ve been really enjoying checking out local bands recently, as you’ll know from my post about Two Blue Band the other week. Last weekend I went to watch another one of my friend’s boyfriend’s bands play at KU Bar in Stockton. Little Doves is a new band on the block made up of four talented musicians – Dan, Luke, Jonny and Ian. With a combination of guitars, drums and vocals, the band channels an indie/rock and roll sound that makes you want to sing and dance along with them. 

Celebrating the launch of their new single, ‘Want Your Love’, all of the songs by the boys are completely original. Despite only knowing the words to Want Your Love, the lyrics to the other songs are easy to follow and you soon find yourself singing along to them.

Little Doves KU Bar

Having been to KU Bar on a few occasions previously, it has always been a fantastic place for a night out on a weekend and Friday was no different – Cheap drinks, great music and a spacious venue. I’ve never been in the room where the stage is before but it’s a great size for an intimate gig.

Little Doves were the first band to perform followed by Figmennt and Red Faces, they warmed up the audience for around 30-45 minutes and the crowd really got moving. It was great to see a decent turn out considering they took to the stage around 10:30pm which is considerably early for a nightclub.

Little Doves Ku Bar

My favourite songs from their set were ‘3am’ and ‘Her’. You can watch a snippet of Little Doves performing ‘3am’ in the video below which I recorded on Friday night, I apologise for the poor quality! For upcoming gigs and new song releases, head over to the Little Doves Facebook page.​



You can listen to songs from Little Doves on Spotify or buy them on iTunes.