Travel | Essential Holiday Gadgets for the Keen Traveller #AD

21st July 2017

Essential travel gadgets

As travel becomes more accessible and our eagerness to explore the world grows, becoming travel savvy is pretty important if you want your holiday to run smoothly. As a keen traveller myself, I’m finally getting into the swing of packing ‘lightly’ and effectively, something I used to struggle a lot with. There would be times where I would spend hours in my bedroom, surrounded by clothes, toiletries and mess with no idea what to take with me – and I’d always end up forgetting something. Today I’m sharing some of my essential holiday gadgets with you to help make travelling that little bit easier. 

First things first, investing in a travel organiser is a god send! These compact wallets are perfect for storing all of your important documents including your passport, boarding pass, insurance and currency. I recently bought my mam a Ted Baker one and she loves it. I’ve got my own that isn’t quite as swanky but it still does the job of keeping me organised!

One thing that is often easily forgotten about when travelling outside of the UK is a travel adapter. My parents bought me a Cath Kidston universal travel adapter for my birthday last year and it’s so convenient as it can be used in 150 countries, it’s also really pretty compared to the usual boring ones you normally get. I’ve started to leave mine in my suitcase to make sure I don’t leave it behind. Unfortunately Cath kidston have stopped selling these for now, hopefully they’ll release some more as they make great gifts.

Holiday’s are for relaxing and escaping life at home for a little while. For complete peace of mind whilst you’re away a device to keep an eye on things whilst you’re away is worth investing in. Something like the Smart Home system* enables you to switch your appliances on and off using your phone or tablet whilst your away. They can also notify you when any windows or doors are opened on your house, giving you complete peace of mind whilst you’re away. My parents recently installed a similar system and they love it!

On my recent holiday to Salou I invested in a new selfie stick that plugs directly into the audio section of my phone without the need for a Bluetooth remote like my previous one. It is also super compact so it will slip into my bag without taking up too much space. Selfie sticks are perfect for those travelling solo or in couples, it’s also much safer than giving your phone or camera to a stranger to take the photo for you.

My Swiss Card is something I keep in my makeup bag and is something that ALWAYS comes in handy. I’ve lost count of the account of times the mini scissors have come in handy when I’ve been away from home. The compact kit has multiple functions, mine has scissors, a nail files, a toothpick, tweezers, a mini knife, a pen and a ruler. Remember to put all sharp items like this into your hold luggage if you are flying.

I hope this post has helped make packing for your next break a little bit easier and gave you some ideas of things you may not have thought about.

What are your favourite travel gadgets?

*This post is a sponsored post in collaboration with Panasonic. All opinions are my own. Please read my disclaimer for more information.